Jeff’s Gaming Journal – Magical Tetris Challenge (N64)

Now here’s a game that’s great for the entire family!

In our November Retro Game Treasure Chest, which was catered to our three-year-old daughter, we got Magical Tetris Challenge. This game is something that everyone can enjoy and in my opinion, the perfect Tetris game for the Nintendo 64.

Forget Tetrisphere, this is the game you want to pick up if you are looking for a retro Tetris fix.

Best of all, you’ve got the Mickey Mouse gang as your main characters. Its great, its absolutely great!

What do you think of Mickey Mouse games? Is there a game with Mickey Mouse that catches your attention and was memorable in your eyes?

What about Tetris? Who here doesn’t like this classic puzzle game?

Coming up next, we turn to Game Boy Advance games and we’ve got some Thoughts of the Day features coming your way!


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