Onward to Adventure – Pokemon – The Mew Glitch Works on Virtual Console

The Mew Glitch actually works in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow for the Virtual Console. I’m surprised Nintendo would leave something like this in!

So first off, I would like to thank Nintendo for keeping Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow as authentic as possible in their re-release. Its been a joy to take a trip down memory lane with these games.

Second, I’m going to take people briefly through how to accomplish the Mew Glitch. I’m not the best at demonstrating this, but there are quite a few videos on YouTube that outline the process or you can always visit Bulbapedia if you need more information.

Or you can listen to me describe it in all my stumbly glory!

What do you think of this sneaky way to catch a Mew? While it isn’t a legitimate Mew from an officially-sanctioned Nintendo event, its the closest we will ever get to getting this Pokemon on our Virtual Console versions of the game!


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