GameOn First Impressions – Ray Gigant – PS Vita

Ray Gigant is a new game coming out for the PS Vita. Some of the visuals in this game look amazing, especially the monster designs.

That’s what attracted me in. I would love to do a video talking all about how good this game in and the areas that it shines, but I just don’t know enough about it yet.

In half an hour of game play, I got into ONE battle… A tutorial battle… Where the monster ran away after maybe three turns.

This game takes a long time and a lot of dialogue to get into.

Expect us to give Ray Gigant another go when we get back from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. We’ll be away at that event from Thursday, April 28th to Sunday, May 1st. After that, we can get back to the grind and bring you plenty of great content!


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