Six essential tips for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

I see a lot of articles talking about how to best prepare for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. They start listing things like binge-watch your favorite stars, get your costume ready, but I think there’s a lot more you need to be ready for…

So here’s my must-have list of how to get ready for Calgary Expo.

1. Buy a good pair of shoes.

For four days, you are going to be walking, standing in line, walking, waiting for panels and more walking. If you come in to this event with a pair of shoes that are too tight or not made for walking, you are going to have a bad time… and possibly lots of blisters.

2. Have a portable cell phone charger.

Most everybody takes photos and videos on their phone throughout the Calgary Expo. This of course drains your phone’s battery significantly. If you are travelling with a group of friends to Calgary Expo, a cell phone is essential to stay in touch because, let’s face it, you are going to split up before the event is over.

Same goes for actual cameras or video cameras. Make sure you have a pack of extra batteries at the ready.

If that cell phone dies, kiss your friends and family goodbye. Our group ran into that last year, it took half an hour to get everyone in our team back together again after a cell phone died.

3. Snack foods. Pack them!

Calgary Expo is a busy day with many lines. Would you rather wait in line for a panel or guest you want to see or a hot dog stand?

I’d suggest some easy to manage foods on hand. An apple, banana, granola bars, a sandwich, all easy stuff that you can munch on and stay satisfied until you can get a full meal.

4. Look over the schedule ahead of time and make your must see list.

Calgary Expo has tons of programming. You can make your life a lot easier by going through the schedule ahead of the event and writing out your favorite panels to see. It’ll give you a hit list of events to check out and help you manage your day much easier.

5. Have cash at the ready.

My experience with Calgary Expo is that cash is the easiest way to buy from vendors throughout the event. Not every vendor has a debit machine and more importantly, lines to use the ATM machine at the event are brutally long.

Visit the ATM machine at the cash station or hotel before you leave. Its just much simpler.

Plus, bringing in physical cash gives you a hard limit for spending. Bring what you are comfortable with and you won’t overdo it.

6. Time your shopping well.

If you are planning on spending the whole day at Calgary Expo, you might not want to buy that heavy box set or statue at the beginning of the event and have to carry it around for the rest of the day. I like saving my shopping to the end of the day, unless its something small like a video game or a book.

Of course, if you do need to buy something early, you could retreat to your car and drop off your purchase. Just make sure its not left in plain sight or you could risk your car being broken into.


That’s about it for my list. Above all, have fun and enjoy yourself. Calgary Expo is a great event and you’ll have an awesome weekend no matter what guest you are there to see.



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