Are you ready to get your GameOn? New or old games, we’re always ready to play!

Our Mission

GameOnGNT is dedicated to gaming, news and talk. Our primary goal through our content is to entertain our audience, while discussing news around gaming, geek culture and popular culture. We are also dedicated to engaging our audience, by getting you involved in discussions around our videos and gameplay.

Gaming is a lifestyle and we want to be a part of that lifestyle’s voice.

What is GameOn all about?

GameOnGNT has a solid history with video game developers in providing quality review content for top-notch games. We have developed relationships with a number of game developers, like…

Activision – (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Skylanders: Swap Force)
NIS America – (Time and Eternity, Mugen Souls Z, Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness)
Harmonix – (Dance Central 3)
Majesco – (Zumba Fitness Core, Double Dragon Neon)

We have also reviewed games by other developers like Kalypso Media, Tequila Works, Humble Hearts, Arc System Works Japan, Focus Home Interactive and Klei Entertainment.

Aside from reviews, GameOnGNT is actively involved in seeking out interviews with members of the gaming community. This includes voice actors, game developers and fellow game reviewers.

We’ve also seeked out interviews with those active in geek culture, like cosplayers, novelists, t-shirt designers and those behind innovative projects like Marble Hornets, Team Four Star, Stay Dead Events and many others!

Outside of reviews and interviews, the team at GameOn likes to have fun and unwind through gaming. We play games new and old, doing what we can to share our experience with you. We do this through gameplay videos, discussion features and our share of random adventures!

Do you have an idea for a feature or topic that you would like to see on GameOnGNT? Let us know!


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