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Continue? – The Return of GameOnGNT

Its been six months, but its finally time for GameOnGNT to make its return.

A lot has happened over the six months since our last video between getting a new house and experiencing significant changes with my home/work life, but I’m back.

We have a lot planned that we would like to see happen with GameOnGNT going ahead and we hope you will join us for our videos, blogs and podcasts again.

In the meantime, here’s all the important links you’ll need going ahead…

Thanks for watching! Expect more from us soon. We look forward to getting back to business.


GameOn Review – Castle of Shikigami – Steam

GameOn’s Jeff Johnson reviews Castle of Shikigami, a bullet hell shooter released on Steam.

Jeff talks about what stands out in this game, despite how bad he is at Bullet Hell shooters.

Thanks to Degica Games for providing us with a copy of this game to review. Castle of Shikigami is available to purchase now.

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Thoughts of the Day – Save Monopoly’s Scottie Dog!!

I want the Scottie dog to be part of Monopoly history for years to come.

But Scottie’s place in the game could be at risk with the ongoing Vote Monopoly contest, with 65 different pieces in the running to be a part of the board game.

I’m all about keeping the Scottie dog in the game of Monopoly. That dog is a champion, much like other great dogs… Like Lassie… Beethoven… and the Littlest Hobo.

Help me keep the Scottie dog in the game through Support the cat too while you are at it!

Gameplay in this video is from Monopoly Plus for the XBox 360. Filmed using the XBox One’s Game DVR and Upload Studio.

Thought of the Day – How did Goat Simulator ever become popular!?

Why Goat Simulator??

Seriously, I’d love to know where the brainchild for this game come from and why it became so stupidly popular?

I’m not the biggest fan of Goat Simulator and think the game is annoying, but what do you think? Do you like the game? Or do you think Goats are evil spawns of Satan?

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Thoughts of the Day – Why Dead Island Retro Rampage is worth your time

Today, we look at a cheap, but fun game for the XBox One called Dead Island: Retro Revenge.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Dead Island series. I don’t know why, but I could never get into them, but this game is a lot of fun to play and the price was definitely right.

What are your thoughts on the Dead Island series? Do you like these retro-styled games?

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GameOn First Impressions – Ray Gigant – PS Vita

Ray Gigant is a new game coming out for the PS Vita. Some of the visuals in this game look amazing, especially the monster designs.

That’s what attracted me in. I would love to do a video talking all about how good this game in and the areas that it shines, but I just don’t know enough about it yet.

In half an hour of game play, I got into ONE battle… A tutorial battle… Where the monster ran away after maybe three turns.

This game takes a long time and a lot of dialogue to get into.

Expect us to give Ray Gigant another go when we get back from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. We’ll be away at that event from Thursday, April 28th to Sunday, May 1st. After that, we can get back to the grind and bring you plenty of great content!

GameOn First Impressions – Stranger of Sword City

Stranger of Sword City is a game for the PS Vita recently released by NIS America.

Similar in play style to Demon Gaze and Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, this game is a dungeon crawler that has crafting your main character from scratch, then building a party to support him.

Its classic dungeon crawling and if you want a look at what to expect from this game, check out today’s video as we go through the first 15 minutes of play!

Expect more to come from this game later on. On Thursday, April 28th, the GameOnGNT team leaves for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, so expect plenty of content from that event in the next couple of weeks!