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The new gameroom! Take a tour with GameOnGNT

Join GameOn’s Jeff Johnson on a tour of our gaming set-up.

An insane amount of games available to play, both physical and digital copies. Add to that tons of systems to play them on and you’ve got yourself an endless supply of games to play.

Thanks for joining us! If you got a feature you want to see, e-mail us at or you can always make a comment on the video!


GameOn Interview – Ctrl-V – Canada’s First Virtual Reality Arcade!

Today, we take a look at Ctrl-V in Waterloo, Ontario!

Ctrl-V is Canada’s first virtual reality arcade, utilizing HTC Vive headsets to bring people into the VR craze in a new way.

Today, we look at VR gaming and how far its come. We also talk about the assortment of games available at Ctrl-V and what people can expect from the whole experience.

For more info, check out their website,

Review – The SImpsons Season 25

GameOn’s Steve Johnson has been a fan of Simpsons for the entirety of its run. He started watching Simpsons when he was younger than Bart and is still watching Simpsons when he is almost as old as Homer. Steve has seen every episode of the Simpsons on multiple occasions and was pleased to have the opportunity of reviewing the episodes of Season 25.

Last year, GameOn Host Jeff Johnson called out the Simpsons’ creators, saying the show had lasted much longer than it should have and should call it quits. But Steve found some merit in Season 25 and is looking forward to a 26th season.

To celebrate the start of Season 26 today, Steve has taken the time to give his thoughts on every episode of Season 25, along with a score for each one.

Season 25 Homerland

#1 Homerland: An FBI agent helps Lisa solve the mystery of why Homer’s personality has changed after attending a nuclear plant convention. M’eh. Weird and barely a few chuckles. 2.5/ 5

Treehouse of Horror Simpsons

#2 Treehouse of Horror XXIV: The twenty-fourth annual Simpsons Halloween episode features an opening directed by Guillermo del Toro and the following segments:
“Oh, the Places You’ll D’oh!”: In this twisted parody of Dr. Seuss’s children’s books, Homer abducts Bart, Lisa, and Maggie and rides around Springfield wreaking havoc as “The Fat in the Hat”.
“Dead and Shoulders”: In this parody of The Thing with Two Heads, after Bart is decapitated during a kite accident, his head is attached to Lisa’s body and the two must live together as one — until Bart discovers that he can fully function whenever Lisa is asleep, and sets out to incapacitate her so he can have her body.
“Freaks, No Geeks”: In this parody to the 1932 horror film, Freaks, Homer and Marge are circus performers (a strong man and a trapeze artist respectively) with Burnsum and Bailey, and Homer has a plan to marry Marge off to a circus freak (Moe) so he can rob him of an emerald ring. Very good. Hilarious, clever, creative. But why Cat in the Hat? 5/5

Simpsons character to die

#3 Four Regrettings and a Funeral: At the funeral of a beloved Springfielder, four residents remember events in their lives they would like to do over.
Homer regrets selling a tech stock in order to buy a bowling ball.
Marge blames her taste in music for Bart’s rebelliousness.
Mr. Burns remembers his relationship with a Parisian.
Kent Brockman regrets not taking a job as a cable news anchor. A real groaner. Barely funny at all. But the acknowledgement of Marcia Wallace’s death was subtle and touching. 2.5/5


#4 YOLO: Marge invites an old pen pal to stay with Homer and cross items off his “to-do” list from when he was 10 years old, so that Homer can embrace his “You-Only-Live-Once” spirit. Meanwhile, Lisa starts an honor code for the school to combat cheating. Getting better. Was very funny in some spots and had a good B story. 3/5

Labor Pains

#5 Labor Pains: After a night of playing poker with Moe, Lenny, and Carl, Homer finds himself in an elevator with a young mother named Gretchen, who is in labor and needs someone to help her keep calm. Meanwhile, Lisa helps the local football cheerleading team unionize and negotiate for better wages and working conditions. Good not great. But had some moments. 3/5

The Kid is all right

#6 The Kid is all Right: Lisa makes friends with a new girl in school, who turns out to be a conservative Republican (a George W. Bush one rather than an Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan one) with connections to Springfield’s Republican party. A Lisa-centric episode. Ok, but not too much Homer. 3.5/5

Yellow Subterfuge Simpsons

#7 Yellow Subterfuge: When Principal Skinner promises that the most well-behaved at Springfield Elementary will get to ride in a submarine, Bart does everything possible to become a model student. Meanwhile, Krusty, on Lisa’s advice, sells the foreign rights to his show in order to rake in more money, but the international Krustys soon become more popular than the domestic ones. Not bad because of the B story, but Skinner episodes aren’t special. 3.5/5

White Christmas Blues

#8 White Christmas Blues: Springfield becomes a tourist hotspot after an accident involving the nuclear plant and the Springfield tire fire causes snow to fall for the first time in a long time — and when Springfield’s stores raise their prices, Marge turns their house into a bed and breakfast for the out-of-towners. Christmas Show. A good one too. Not as funny as some but adequate. 4.5/5


#9 Steal this Episode: To combat the poor quality of today’s movie theaters, Homer and Bart team up to illegally download movies and exhibit them in a makeshift theater in the backyard, but Homer ends up arrested when Marge sends the FBI a check and an apology note. Tries to be preachy but fails. Some funny moments, but ultimately m’eh. 2.5/5

Comic Book Guy Simpsons

#10 Married to the Blob: The Comic Book Guy falls for a Japanese manga artist, but Homer’s advice and the woman’s father may ruin his chances at true love. Comic Book Guy episode. Creative, visually interesting. And pretty good all-in-all. 4/5

SPecs and the CIty

#11 Specs and the City: Mr. Burns gives his workers Google Glass-style computer glasses so he can spy on them, but Homer gives the glasses to Marge, and discovers that Marge has been going to therapy to discuss her life. Meanwhile, Nelson bullies Bart into giving him the best Valentine’s Day gift ever. Very blah episode. Couple good sight gags, but very little else. 2.5/5


#12 Diggs: Bart makes friends with a transfer student named Diggs, an expert in falconry who saves Bart from the wrath of the Springfield Elementary bullies – and who intends to take to the sky himself, which makes Bart worry about Diggs’ sanity. Very boring. Not very funny. Watch only if you’re a fan of Daniel Radcliffe. 2.5/5

Sideshow Bob Season 25

#13 The Man Who Grew Too Much: Lisa discovers that Sideshow Bob has become the chief scientist of a massive chemical engineering company, but the two of them bond over their appreciation for high-culture. Meanwhile, Marge ends up a church volunteer to help horny teenagers become abstinent. Probably the worst Sideshow Bob episode yet. He crosses the line from villain to cartoonish super-villain. Watch only the last 2 minutes where they show that Edna has died in the show. 3/5

The Winter of his Content

#14 Winter of his Content: When the Retirement Castle is closed for health violations, Marge invites Grampa and two other old people to live at the Simpsons’ house, only to get frustrated with Homer embracing the “old person lifestyle”. Meanwhile, Bart defends Nelson’s decision to wear his mother’s underwear, and ends up part of a bully gathering a la The Warriors. Highly disappointing. 2/5

The War of Art

#15 The War of Art: After Lisa’s new pet guinea pig destroys the Simpsons’ living room art, Marge finds a beautiful painting at the Van Houten’s yard sale, which Homer snaps up for 20 bucks. M’eh, alright but nothing of real note. Would like to try Strupo though. 2.5/5

Simpsons Referee

#16 You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee: Homer is recruited as a World Cup referee after Lisa extols his integrity on the youth soccer field in a Springfield Elementary speech contest. But when the Simpsons travel to Brazil (again), Homer finds his honesty tested by one of South America’s slickest gangsters in the soccer match-bribing business. Couple nice call backs to previous episodes. Plot is basically cobbled together from 2 old eps. But still has funny moments. 3/5

Lucas Simpsons

#17 Luca$: Marge thinks that Lisa is dating below her standards when she brings home a competitive eater-in-training named Lucas Bortner, so she enlists Homer to help Lisa explore other options. Meanwhile, Bart receives gifts from Snake Jailbird for helping him get out of a jam, but when a betrayal from Milhouse sends Snake back to prison, Bart hatches a plan to get him out. Not bad. 3/5

Days of Future Future

#18 Days of Future Future: A sequel to “Future-Drama” and a continuation of “Holidays of Future Passed,” set 30 years from now. In this futuristic installment, Bart goes to a clinic to rid himself of his feelings for his ex-wife Jenda (who is now dating a crab-like alien named Jerry), Lisa must choose whether or not to cure her zombie husband Milhouse after he gets bitten by a homeless zombie, and Marge (after putting up with years of Homer dying and being cloned back to life by Professor Frink) loads Homer onto a flatscreen monitor and throws him out of the house. An alright future episode. Not as good as “Holidays of Future Passed” but still pretty good. 3.5/5

Barts Expecting

#19 What to Expect When Bart’s Expecting: Bart makes a voodoo doll of his hippie art teacher when he gets sick of art class and cast a spell to make her sick, but when he inadvertently gets her pregnant, he becomes a savior to Springfield couples trying to conceive – and is subsequently kidnapped to help conceive a thoroughbred race horse. I wish I could say this was the strangest plot this series ever had. 3/5

Lego Homer

#20 Brick Like Me: Homer wakes up to a world made out of LEGO bricks and grows to like this new world, where everything fits in and no one gets hurt — until he begins seeing flashes of a previous life and, with help from The Comic Book Guy, discovers how he ended up in the LEGO world. It may technically mirror The Lego Movie at times, but it was visually impressive and a pretty touching plot. 4/5

Paypal Simpsons

#21 Pay Pal: Marge swears off befriending any more couples when Homer offends their charming new British neighbors. But when Lisa declares that she, too, does not need friends, Marge realizes that she’s setting a bad example for her daughter. Drama heavy episode. Not much laughs. Not bad, but not especially funny. 3/5

Yellow Badge of Cowardge

#22 Yellow Badge of Cowardge: Bart feels guilty after he wins the annual “last day of school” race around Springfield Elementary School, with help from Nelson, who beats up the frontrunner, Milhouse. Meanwhile, Homer tries to bring back 4th of July fireworks after they are canceled due to budget cuts. Eh alright I suppose. 3/5

Jon St John lends his support to Extra Life Game Day in Cranbrook!

Hey guys, its time to find out about another prize available at the Extra Life Game Day, happening at the Eagles Hall in Cranbrook, British Columbia on Saturday, October 4th!

This one, GameOn has had the pleasure of helping to organize for the event, so let’s start this week off with a unique prize, courtesy of Jon St. John, who you might remember as the voice of Duke Nukem!

Jon St. John has graciously jumped on to support our event and has said that he is always happy to support any Children’s Hospital charity!

One of the prizes at Extra Life Game Day will be to “Have Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem, voice your ring tone!”

If you win this prize, you will need to provide Game Day organizers with a script that you would like Jon St John to voice. We will then send the script to Jon, who will voice it as Duke Nukem, then send the audio file back for your use.

The possibilities here are endless! Have Duke Nukem voice your ring tone, your answering machine, whatever clip you would like voiced is yours to ask for!

Want to find out how to win this prize? Come on out to the

NOTE – Jon St. John will only voice audio for private use only, not for commercial use. You cannot have Duke Nukem be the voice of your next radio commercial.

We Got Destiny! (Sort of)

Its always an exciting time for us here at GameOnGNT when we get a sent a review copy of a game.

For one thing, its the recognition bestowed upon us by a game developer. They trust us to give a game a proper review and in turn, we get a chance to play a game without actually having to purchase it.

And so, when we received Destiny from Activision, we were extremely happy to be recognized by this awesome game developer once again.

Until we opened the package and realized what exactly we had been sent…

Check out the video to see what we mean!

Special thanks goes to Activision for providing us with a review copy of Destiny. We look forward to getting the chance to play it (as soon as we are able to!)

Astounding Support for the Extra Life Game Day in Cranbrook

Hey all, Jeff Johnson here from GameOnGNT.

I just wanted to take a moment to share a recent post by one of our GameOn supporters and the main organizer of the Extra Life Game Day in Cranbrook, BC.

The Extra Life Game Day has been receiving a groundswell of support, not just from GameOnGNT, but also from members of our local business community and international companies and game developers like NIS America, Harmonix, Blue Isle Studios, Muse Games, Exor Studios and Iron Galaxy Studios. To have game developers involved in a cause to unite gamers around healthcare for children is truly a wonderful thing!

Dave Miller couldn’t agree more, as he expressed in this recent post:

“When I started planning this event with Jeff & Erin, we thought it’d be a great way to raise some more money for my Extra Life campaign while trying to bring the Cranbrook area gaming community together. I was really concerned about costs at first. I was INCREDIBLY grateful to the Eagles for loaning us the hall for the day, as that put a lot less pressure on me personally. I was concerned about money spent vs. number of people needed just to break even.

At this point, this community has honestly made me break down and cry several times. The way I’ve seen people rally together around a single cause, and get excited for a single event that, originally, I honestly expected to see maybe 15 people at, has blown me away. For anyone who doesn’t believe me, look at the info section above, at the list of sponsors.

It’s not even just local sponsors. We have several famous voice actors. Cards Against Humanity. Multiple video game developers. Artists both locally and internationally who are interested in helping make Extra Life Game Day grow into one of the biggest events that Cranbrook has ever seen.

But, most importantly, I want to thank YOU. The person reading this. The person who this post gets shared to. The person who thinks about maybe coming down to the event, just to see what’s going on. Because, even with all the help from these amazing sponsors, and I can’t thank them enough for their support, Game Day still means nothing without YOU. Every person I’ve approached for support, every email that’s been sent, was all just to plan an event that is, at its core, For The Kids. With how fast this thing is growing, and with how much support and interest everyone has been showing us, I’ve just got one last thing to say.

Please take 30 seconds to watch this, and understand why we’re all doing this. It’s important to me. It’s important to all of us. And there’s a good chance, it’s important to you, too.”


To find out more about the Extra Life Game Day in Cranbrook, check out the event’s Facebook page!

GameOnGNT is Supporting Extra Life This Year!

GameOnGNT is officially throwing our support behind the Extra Life Game Day in Cranbrook, British Columbia.

Like all Extra Life events, the Extra Life Game Day in Cranbrook BC will support one of the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. In this case, we will be supporting the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, Alberta.

All gamers in the East Kootenay need to come out for this one, its going to be a great time and its supporting a good cause.

The event was first being organized by Dave Miller, Erin Schulz and myself, Jeff Johnson, but that by no means covers the amount of people who are lending support to it now. From international businesses to local companies in the East Kootenay, everyone wants to help get behind this and make this day the best it can be!

The Extra Life Game Day is happening at Eagles Hall in Cranbrook on Saturday, October 4th. Entry is 10 dollars for a full day of gaming, raffle draws and great prizes!

Check out the poster below for more info and you can always find more information on Facebook!

Large Scale Extra Life Poster

The Wedding Ceremony of Jeff Johnson and Shayla Brissette

Well, when you plan a cross country wedding, you are bound to run into some hiccups.

The biggest hiccup noticeably was the lack of a live stream, which meant family and friends near and far could not watch the wedding ceremony from home on Friday, August 1st.

That problem is being dealt with right now!

Enjoy the video of our wedding ceremony, filmed by my brother-in-law, Scott Brown.

More videos will be posted from the wedding when they become available! In the meantime, you will at least get a chance to see the event for yourself!


What Nintendo has announced so far at E3 2014 – Get Hyped for Wii U?

If you didn’t get a chance to pay attention to everything Nintendo threw at you yesterday throughout the course of the day, don’t worry! We got you covered!

Let’s run through the list from Nintendo so far guys. What you will see here is a video of the game and then a quick snippet from me about the announcement. If you are just looking for the videos, then you’ve come to the right place!

New Super Smash Bros characters

We were introduced to the Mii Fighters, Palutina from Kid Icarus and PAC-MAN!!!! Also Smash Bros will be the first game to be Amiibo compatible.


New Toy figurines similar to Skylanders and Disney Infinity, but with Nintendo characters for multiple Nintendo games. They will make their debut with Super Smash Bros for Wii U first and then come out to support other games as well. Apparently, they are also working to include the toys in Mario Kart 8.

Mario Party 10  for the Wii U

Five Players can now party, with one player taking on the role of Bowser acting as a GM, while four players traverse the board and play mini-games.

Yoshi’s Woolly World

Basically Kirby’s Epic Yarn, but a Yoshi game. YAAAAYYY…

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

OK, this game looks surprisingly good. Toad gets his own game in what looks like an action-adventure game mixed with a puzzle platformer. It actually looks pretty decent despite Toad being the main character.

Open World Legend of Zelda

Although its not coming to 2015, this game looks pretty sick. Take Link and throw him into an open world, similar to a Skyrim setting. It also looks ridiculously good.

Hyrule Warriors update

Get ready to play as multiple characters from the Zelda universe! Link, Zelda, Impa and Midna are confirmed, with a tease of Ganondorf toward the end of the trailer. Will he be playable? Why wouldn’t he be playable?

This game is coming September 26th, 2014, which is ridiculously soon!

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

We got a glimpse of the new Mega Evolutions for the Hoenn starters and the Ancient Devolutions for Kyogre and Groudon. Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre look pretty awesome.

Bayonetta 2

Yes, its coming out this year. Its also coming with Bayonetta 1 packaged in and you’ll get to dress up with Nintendo themed clothes and power-ups. I might pick this up if I ever get a Wii U.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Another Kirby game is slated for the Wii U, bringing us stylus control of Kirby using rainbow powers. Expect new and interesting transformations for Kirby as well!

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Still have to wait for 2015 for this one, but a pretty cool cinematic trailer was shown for it. Can they just bring Grahf back already?? Oh well, it still looks awesome!

Mario Maker

How many times have you seen a custom Mario game? Well, now Nintendo is giving you the opportunity to make your own levels for Mario officially! It looks like you can edit in either classic Mario or New Super Mario Bros style. Either way, it looks fun!


A new IP from Nintendo! This game delivers 4 v 4 combat of teams of squid-man-things with guns going at it. The goal here is to increase your territory, by painting it with Ink. Here’s hoping for a fun Super Mario Sunshine mini-game to be included somewhere in this!

Fantasy Life for 3DS

This game was announced after the Nintendo Digital Event, so I don’t have too much details on it. All I know is that it will be out before the end of the year.

Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright

This game was also announced after the Nintendo Digital Event, but who cares?? I don’t need to tell you anything about it, because its Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton in one freaking game. Its coming out later this year.

Star Fox for Wii U

No public announcement trailer has been shown at E3 about this game yet, but journalists are going crazy about it and Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned it in the Nintendo Treehouse event. Apparently, Shigeru Miyamoto already has shown gameplay to a group of journalists this week. In any case, Star Fox is back

Project Guard and Project Giant Robo

Two new projects that Shigeru Miyamoto is working on that he has shown gameplay for at the Nintendo Treehouse event. Basically, Giant Robo is like sumo wrestling with customizable giant robots and Project Guard is a tower defence game with you monitoring 12 security cameras with lasers that are guarding a building from robots. Both look pretty fun!

That about sums it up so far from Nintendo, but I’m sure there will be more announcements still to come this week. What game from Nintendo has got you excited the most so far?

E3 2014- Our Thoughts on Nintendo Digital Event!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is now underway!

We ‘ve looked at all of the other contenders… Now its time to take a look at Nintendo!
We will be following the announcement live here on GameOnGNT. Expect to see a Cliff Note’s version of that announcement in this article here today. This article will update as the NintendoDigital Event continues, so simply click the update button on your web browser to see the latest bits and blurbs about the announcement here on GameOnGNT.

Let’s begin!

The Nintendo Digital Event begins at 9 AM Pacific Time. Check out our updates!

9 AM – Digital Event begins with Robot Chicken style funny bit.
9:01 AM – Cool Super Smash Bros video snippet. The Miis are now in Super Smash Bros!
9:02 AM – Do I care about fighting as Miis? Not really, but cool to see them there.
9:02 AM – Meet Nintendo’s version of Skylanders! New Nintendo toys will be included in game.
9:03 AM – Masahiro Sakurai is speaking about the game. Mii Fighter allows anyone to join the battle.
9:03 AM – Serious work has been done to get the Miis into the game, with varieties of move sets available.
9:05 AM – Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, Mii Gunner
9:05 AM – Each type can choose four special moves for plenty of varieties.
9:06 AM – Sandbag is back in the game, as is Master Hand.
9:07 AM – First Smash Bros game on a handheld – October 3rd, 2014.
9:08 AM – Reggie Fils-Ame hits the stage.
9:08 AM – Amiibo – New toys bring to life characters, recognizing the similarity with Skylanders and Disney Infinity.
9:09 AM – Information can be sent back to the character to be stored as its played in different games.
9:10 AM – Super Smash Bros for Wii U will be the first game to support Amiibo.
9:10 AM – Amiibo play is being prepared for other Nintendo games to come, including one that’s already out… Mario Kart 8.
9:11 AM – More details about Amiibo are available on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.
9:12 AM – Reggie passes it over to game developers.
9:13 AM – Takashi Tekuza playing with yarn… YAAAAYYY.
9:13 AM – Yoshi Yarn game.
9:15 AM – Man, this is a slow part of the feature. Game focuses on exploration. No time limits.
9:16 AM – Yarn gives new ways to explore and new transformations, along with a two player mode. TWO YOSHIS.
9:16 AM – Two people can play to help each other out. Can be used to attack the other player or get them to hard to reach places.
9:18 AM – Yoshi’s Woolly World – 2015
9:18 AM – Oh dear god… Toad is getting his own game.
9:19 AM – Another Robot Chicken snippet… Bowser and Peach talking about donuts. Its actually pretty funny!
9:20 AM – The Legend of Zelda!! Now we’re talking!
9:21 AM – Getting a nice retrospective on how the Legend of Zelda works for world design.
9:22 AM – The new world of the Legend of Zelda screenshots are finally here!
9:23 AM – A totally wide open world with no set order for gameplay. Welcome to non-linear gameplay!
9:23 AM – So happy to see Epona back in the mix.
9:24 AM – New Zelda coming in 2015.
9:24 AM – Got a video of someone wandering a grand forest and caves. He has a Pokeball in his bag.
9:25 AM – Gameplay footage shown for Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby!
9:26 AM – Mega forms for all of the starters!
9:26 AM – Mega forms for Kyogre and Groudon shown as well!
9:26 AM – Robot chicken video of Fox and Little Mac. Little Mac can’t take off his gloves. Its pretty hilarious.
9:27 AM – Bayonetta 2 gameplay and visuals shown!
9:28 AM – Bayonetta included with Bayonetta 2… Available October 2014! That’s something I could really get into!
9:29 AM – On to Hyrule Warriors!
9:30 AM – Impa shown in battle. Giant bosses shown as well!
9:30 AM – Two player mode shown. One person playing with the TV screen, the other playing with the gamepad.
9:30 AM – You can also play as Zelda and Midna!
9:32 AM – They are calling this game a celebration of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. I would totally agree!
9:32 AM – Coming September 26th, 2014 (Hyrule Warriors)
9:33 AM – Another Kirby game coming to the Wii U!
9:33 AM – How many times are we going to fight that DAMN TREE!
9:34 AM – Kirby and the Rainbow Curse – 23015
9:34 AM – Monolith Soft’s game is being shown. We’re introduced to a girl named Elma.
9:35 AM = Cinematic trailer for this looks really cool. Xenoblade Chronicles X coming 2015!
9:35 AM – Another Robot Chicken video.
9:36 AM – Mario Maker, create your own custom Mario courses! In modern mario style and classic mario style. NEAT! Coming in 2015.
9:37 AM – New game for Wii U. Looks like a paintball game.
9:38 AM – Splatoon? 8 player 4 v 4 multiplayer action game. Team battles to claim their turf by splattering paint all over the place.
9:39 AM – Making a game where you can play as squids? Meh…
9:40 AM – You can switch back and forth between being a squid or being a person with a paint gun… MEH…
9:41 AM – Gamepad lets you see how much of the map is covered in what color of ink.
9:42 AM – Man, I really couldn’t care less about this Splatoon game.
9:44 AM – The gameplay of this game kind of looks fun, but I couldn’t see buying it. (Splatoon) Coming in 2015
9:45 AM – Wraps up things at the Nintendo Direct. Really? REALLY? That’s what you are ending it with?
9:45 AM – Come check out the Super Smash Bros Invitational… Yeah, I’ll just hop into my jet… Oh wait…
9:47 AM – Smash Bros video. Holy shit! Palutina will be playable! Pretty awesome animated video!
9:49 AM – This looks awesome! I want to play as Palutina!
9:50 AM – Shigeru Miyamoto hits the stage… err, Digital Event.
9:52 AM – More details will be shared through Nintendo’s Treehouse… Is this going all day?

While Nintendo Treehouse will be continuing through the day, our look at the Digital Event ends here! What did you think? What game has you the most excited?