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GameOn Interview – Super Kayce Cosplay – Calgary Expo 2017

Cosplayer Super Kayce joins us for today’s episode of GameOn.

Calgary Expo 2017 saw Super Kayce Cosplay invited as one of the event’s cosplay guests and we were happy to have a few minutes of her time for an interview!

Special thanks to fellow cosplay guest Knightmage for helping out on the camera. Be sure to check out his interview with GameOnGNT, posted earlier this week.


It was a unique year at Calgary Expo and we have some unique features coming your way over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


GameOn Interview – Knightmage – Calgary Expo 2017

We’re keeping our coverage of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo going.

Today, we feature cosplayer Knightmage, one of the cosplay guests invited to Calgary Expo 2017.

Knightmage has crafted a fantastic collection of costumes and is a true Spawn fan, with many variants of his favorite character. Today, you see him as the Dread Pirate Roberts (Which Host Jeff Johnson completely blanked on the character in the interview! Whoops!)

Check out our interview with Knightmage today!

The GameNTrain Days – Episode 3 – April 19th, 2012…

This episode, we continue our interview with Voice actor Kyle Hebert. You know him from Dragon Ball Z (Gohan) and Street Fighter (Ryu) and we interview UFC fighter Mark “The Machine” Hominick.

Also, we have Hit or Miss with Kevin Stanfield and Killing Time with Kyle Born!

The GameNTrain Days – Episode 2 – April 12th, 2012


Back for its second episode, this podcast during the GameNTrain days features discussion on the Madden NFL cover (for that year), some exercise tips and an interview with Voice Actor Kyle Hebert of Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighter fame!

Part two of that interview is featured in Episode 3!

GameOn Interview – Ben Singer and Chad James – Death Battle

GameOn’s Steve sits down with Chad James and Ben Singer of Screw Attack, talking about their popular show Death Battle.

Steve asks about where the idea for the show came from, how Ben and Chad came up with their characters Wiz and Boomstick, and the controversy of the Superman vs Goku Death Battle.

Check out the interview today!

GameOn Interview – ConBravo – Cynthia Preston and Jonathan Potts – The Legend of Zelda

Our coverage of ConBravo begins now!

We’re starting off our coverage as Steve from GameOn interviews Cynthia Preston and Jonathan Potts, the voice actors of Zelda and Link from the Legend of Zelda cartoon.

Its been years since the Legend of Zelda was on TV with the Super Mario Bros Super Show, but this cartoon still is a cult hit with many fans.

Today, Steve talks to Cynthia and Jonathan about their roles on the show and the impact its had on them.


GameOn Interview – Ctrl-V – Canada’s First Virtual Reality Arcade!

Today, we take a look at Ctrl-V in Waterloo, Ontario!

Ctrl-V is Canada’s first virtual reality arcade, utilizing HTC Vive headsets to bring people into the VR craze in a new way.

Today, we look at VR gaming and how far its come. We also talk about the assortment of games available at Ctrl-V and what people can expect from the whole experience.

For more info, check out their website,