The GameNTrain Days – Episode 5 – May 3rd, 2012


In this episode of the GameNTrain podcast, GameOn’s Jeff and Kyle make their first trip to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!

2012 was a stellar year for the event and for our podcast as well. Hope you enjoy the show!


The GameNTrain Days – Episode 3 – April 19th, 2012…

This episode, we continue our interview with Voice actor Kyle Hebert. You know him from Dragon Ball Z (Gohan) and Street Fighter (Ryu) and we interview UFC fighter Mark “The Machine” Hominick.

Also, we have Hit or Miss with Kevin Stanfield and Killing Time with Kyle Born!

The GameNTrain Days – Episode 2 – April 12th, 2012


Back for its second episode, this podcast during the GameNTrain days features discussion on the Madden NFL cover (for that year), some exercise tips and an interview with Voice Actor Kyle Hebert of Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighter fame!

Part two of that interview is featured in Episode 3!

Thoughts on the Calgary Expo Guest List (so far)

I’m happy to see the list of new Calgary Expo guests that came out Tuesday! Here’s my top picks so far…

Nathan Fillion – Firefly, Castle, Dr Horrible
Kevin Sorbo – Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Will Friedle – Batman Beyond, Boy Meets World
James Marsters – Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Colm Meaney – O’Brien (Star Trek TNG and DS9
Linda Larkin – The Voice of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin
Mara Wilson – Matilda, Mrs Doubtfire
Keith Tucker – One of the guys behind Animaniacs

While I like the guest list we have at the moment, I am surprised about a couple of things not found there.


– No cosplay guest announcements yet… Not a showbreaker, but they usually have about three or four cosplay guests every year. In the past, they’ve had Jessica Nigri, Ivy Doomkitty and Lindsay Elyse. Where are the celebrity cosplayers on the guest list? I can think of some great additions we haven’t seen at the show (Lady Kayleen, Abby Dark-Star, Kamui Cosplay, Kelly Jean, Rosanna Rocha Cosplayer, Knightmage, Living Ichigo all come to mind.)


– No wrestling guests! Last year, there wasn’t a wrestler at the show, which was surprising because there was always wrestlers in attendance in past years. Some of the big names we’ve had include Mick Foley, Edge, Trish Stratus and Bret Hart. Definitely a missed opportunity here if they don’t get somebody. Maybe bring in Kane or the Big Show? Ric Flair, The Nature Boy? Really, what have they been doing in WWE lately?


– Few voice actors… Will Friedle and Linda Larkin are great additions and I can’t wait to meet them, but I’m surprised there are none involved in anime. I’d also like to see them increase the number of voice actors involved in video games. I’d love to see people like D.C. Douglas (voice of Albert Wesker in Resident Evil), David Hayter (Voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid), Bryce Papenbrook (so much anime) and Vic Mignogna (Full Metal Alchemist, Broly of Dragon Ball Z fame)


– No representatives from the following shows… Star Wars, The 100, Supernatural, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Prison Break, Gotham, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. All shows that we’ve had guests from in the past and I would love to see involved again. I realize you can’t have the same shows involved every year, but they are big fan draws! I also haven’t seen a guest from the 100 at Calgary Expo before and as a fan of the show, I want that to happen!

I want you to keep in mind, this isn’t a complaint. I love Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and will always enjoy visiting the show. For me, I’ve always loved seeing the show as a whole, visiting vendors, seeing the amazingly talented cosplayers wandering the halls and just having fun travelling to the Expo with my group. These are just my thoughts on some quality guests that would round out the experience.

What about you? What guests would you love to see make an appearance at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this year?

Let us know!

Thoughts of the Day – Save Monopoly’s Scottie Dog!!

I want the Scottie dog to be part of Monopoly history for years to come.

But Scottie’s place in the game could be at risk with the ongoing Vote Monopoly contest, with 65 different pieces in the running to be a part of the board game.

I’m all about keeping the Scottie dog in the game of Monopoly. That dog is a champion, much like other great dogs… Like Lassie… Beethoven… and the Littlest Hobo.

Help me keep the Scottie dog in the game through Support the cat too while you are at it!

Gameplay in this video is from Monopoly Plus for the XBox 360. Filmed using the XBox One’s Game DVR and Upload Studio.

GameOn Post Game Show – Episode 9: Organizing Gaming Events


Today, we talk about games being used more than just for a single person’s enjoyment.

Let’s talk about gaming events!

The GameOn Post Game Show podcast is coming back to GameOnGNT. Expect a new podcast every week as we talk about various video games, what games are gracing my TV screen (if any) and my latest thoughts on gaming news.

More great content to come!

Captain America: Civil War not what I was expecting

I don’t know what it was about Captain America: Civil War. It had all the makings of a perfect movie for me, but it just didn’t deliver for me.

High expectations; check.

Great previews; check.

Comic book history that resonates with me; double check!

So why am I left with a longing after spending over two hours watching this movie on Netflix?

It was a good movie, don’t get me wrong. The battles were amazing and new additions like Spiderman and Black Panther were fantastic, but there were some things about it that didn’t do it for me and just didn’t match up with what it could have been.



Is it just me, or did anyone else find it hard to keep track of the villain in this movie and his motivation? ┬áBaron Zemo didn’t seem like much of a villain throughout the whole feature and it seemed like a very complicated effort was taken for a revenge plot. His end goal was to get the Avengers to kill each other and all he did was master a coded book to control the Winter Soldier, travel to various locations around the world, manipulate countless government agencies AND the Avengers and kill five Winter Soldier like operatives.

It almost would have been easier to invent time travel and kill the Avengers when they were kids. And where the hell did this guy get the money to finance this scheme? Were his dead parents Thomas and Martha Wayne?


What made Civil War stand out so much as a comic was the deep seated motivation of our heroes on either side of the battle. Having this entire fight be motivated by Baron Zemo’s manipulations really takes away the oomph of that.

Also, late in the movie, we have a truce between Iron Man and Captain America, but the second Tony learns how his parents died, we’re back in a full-on battle again. To me, the kill switch seems pretty forced. It would have been better if the battle was motivated by the injuries War Machine received earlier in the movie. Instead, the heroes are played like a fiddle again, thanks to the manipulations of a C-ranked villain.


Did I miss one of the best lines from the trailer or was it not even in the movie?

“You just started a war!” – Tony Stark

Where was that line in the movie? I did not see it anywhere and was waiting for it the entire time. Not having it just left a little disappointment for me.

Granted, this is a minor qualm and nowhere near as bad as Rogue One trailer editing. So much was left on the cutting room floor with that one. But it’s such a pivotal line and a partial title drop. It seems odd to remove it.


To me, this movie needed more of a build-up. Civil War is a comic event that is tough to translate to a single movie and I feel required more of an emphasis on competing viewpoints, as opposed to manipulations of a villain who was really lacking. A true hero vs hero contest.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say this was a terrible movie though. It had really cool action sequences and great character moments, but it didn’t resonate nearly as strong as Captain America Winter Soldier or Guardians of the Galaxy. A lot more could have been done with some great material and great potential.