Paige’s Calgary Expo Adventure – Let’s Play Cosplay Bingo!

More Calgary Expo content, nearly two months after the event has run its course.

We’re a little slower out of the gate this year (Moving to a new house will do that), but this fun video was worth the wait.

This was my daughter Paige’s first year at Calgary Expo and on top of dressing in costume all three days she was there, we also gave her an adventure of her own… Cosplay Bingo!

Paige was given two Bingo cards to fill out throughout the course of the event. Her goal was to get as many pictures with cosplayers as possible and fill up the card.

Check out Paige’s adventure at one of Canada’s biggest conventions. Thanks to all the cosplayers for taking part!


GameOn Review – Castle of Shikigami – Steam

GameOn’s Jeff Johnson reviews Castle of Shikigami, a bullet hell shooter released on Steam.

Jeff talks about what stands out in this game, despite how bad he is at Bullet Hell shooters.

Thanks to Degica Games for providing us with a copy of this game to review. Castle of Shikigami is available to purchase now.

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GameOnGNT Adventures in Cosplay – Thoughts on Calgary Expo 2017

GameOn’s Jeff Johnson and Blaze Dobson talk about their experiences with cosplay at the 2017 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

Blaze shares his experience meeting with Todd McFarlane, issues with Calgary Expo’s fast pass system and the thrill of taking four costumes to this year’s event.

Thanks for watching and apologies for the delays. More content from this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo coming soon!

Sightseeing at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

GameOn’s Kyle Born took some time to take in the sights at this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

Rather than taking the time to discuss the many things we regularly see at this awesome event, we realized a picture says a thousand words and thought we’d let the pictures do the talking.

Then we realized those thousand words don’t include witty jabs and barbs, so we let Kyle Born share his words anyway.

Have a look through the many sights to be seen at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

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GameOn Interview – Super Kayce Cosplay – Calgary Expo 2017

Cosplayer Super Kayce joins us for today’s episode of GameOn.

Calgary Expo 2017 saw Super Kayce Cosplay invited as one of the event’s cosplay guests and we were happy to have a few minutes of her time for an interview!

Special thanks to fellow cosplay guest Knightmage for helping out on the camera. Be sure to check out his interview with GameOnGNT, posted earlier this week.


It was a unique year at Calgary Expo and we have some unique features coming your way over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

GameOn Interview – Knightmage – Calgary Expo 2017

We’re keeping our coverage of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo going.

Today, we feature cosplayer Knightmage, one of the cosplay guests invited to Calgary Expo 2017.

Knightmage has crafted a fantastic collection of costumes and is a true Spawn fan, with many variants of his favorite character. Today, you see him as the Dread Pirate Roberts (Which Host Jeff Johnson completely blanked on the character in the interview! Whoops!)

Check out our interview with Knightmage today!

Episode 12 – We Survived Calgary Expo 2017!



Calgary Expo 2017 has come and gone. Join GameOnGNT’s Jeff, Shayla and Steve as they reflect on three days of Expo. We’re talking about the best panels we saw and missed, the amazing cosplayers, shopping and our favorite celebrities. For anyone who went to Calgary Expo, what was your favorite moment or favorite cosplayer at this year’s event?