Onward to Adventure – Secret of Evermore – Part Two

We’re back with another part of Onward to Adventure, as we continue our adventure in the Secret of Evermore.

In part two, our host Jeff Johnson arrives at the game’s first village and meets the village leader, Fire Eyes. We also finally get to name the dog!

What name will Jeff pick his trusty pooch? Watch today’s video and find out!

GameOn Host Jeff Johnson has always had a silent love affair with Role Playing Games. Now, he will be sharing his experiences with Role Playing Games with you!

We’re starting the journey by playing Secret of Evermore, so check out Part Two today.

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What Nintendo has announced so far at E3 2014 – Get Hyped for Wii U?

If you didn’t get a chance to pay attention to everything Nintendo threw at you yesterday throughout the course of the day, don’t worry! We got you covered!

Let’s run through the list from Nintendo so far guys. What you will see here is a video of the game and then a quick snippet from me about the announcement. If you are just looking for the videos, then you’ve come to the right place!

New Super Smash Bros characters

We were introduced to the Mii Fighters, Palutina from Kid Icarus and PAC-MAN!!!! Also Smash Bros will be the first game to be Amiibo compatible.


New Toy figurines similar to Skylanders and Disney Infinity, but with Nintendo characters for multiple Nintendo games. They will make their debut with Super Smash Bros for Wii U first and then come out to support other games as well. Apparently, they are also working to include the toys in Mario Kart 8.

Mario Party 10  for the Wii U

Five Players can now party, with one player taking on the role of Bowser acting as a GM, while four players traverse the board and play mini-games.

Yoshi’s Woolly World

Basically Kirby’s Epic Yarn, but a Yoshi game. YAAAAYYY…

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

OK, this game looks surprisingly good. Toad gets his own game in what looks like an action-adventure game mixed with a puzzle platformer. It actually looks pretty decent despite Toad being the main character.

Open World Legend of Zelda

Although its not coming to 2015, this game looks pretty sick. Take Link and throw him into an open world, similar to a Skyrim setting. It also looks ridiculously good.

Hyrule Warriors update

Get ready to play as multiple characters from the Zelda universe! Link, Zelda, Impa and Midna are confirmed, with a tease of Ganondorf toward the end of the trailer. Will he be playable? Why wouldn’t he be playable?

This game is coming September 26th, 2014, which is ridiculously soon!

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

We got a glimpse of the new Mega Evolutions for the Hoenn starters and the Ancient Devolutions for Kyogre and Groudon. Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre look pretty awesome.

Bayonetta 2

Yes, its coming out this year. Its also coming with Bayonetta 1 packaged in and you’ll get to dress up with Nintendo themed clothes and power-ups. I might pick this up if I ever get a Wii U.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Another Kirby game is slated for the Wii U, bringing us stylus control of Kirby using rainbow powers. Expect new and interesting transformations for Kirby as well!

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Still have to wait for 2015 for this one, but a pretty cool cinematic trailer was shown for it. Can they just bring Grahf back already?? Oh well, it still looks awesome!

Mario Maker

How many times have you seen a custom Mario game? Well, now Nintendo is giving you the opportunity to make your own levels for Mario officially! It looks like you can edit in either classic Mario or New Super Mario Bros style. Either way, it looks fun!


A new IP from Nintendo! This game delivers 4 v 4 combat of teams of squid-man-things with guns going at it. The goal here is to increase your territory, by painting it with Ink. Here’s hoping for a fun Super Mario Sunshine mini-game to be included somewhere in this!

Fantasy Life for 3DS

This game was announced after the Nintendo Digital Event, so I don’t have too much details on it. All I know is that it will be out before the end of the year.

Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright

This game was also announced after the Nintendo Digital Event, but who cares?? I don’t need to tell you anything about it, because its Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton in one freaking game. Its coming out later this year.

Star Fox for Wii U

No public announcement trailer has been shown at E3 about this game yet, but journalists are going crazy about it and Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned it in the Nintendo Treehouse event. Apparently, Shigeru Miyamoto already has shown gameplay to a group of journalists this week. In any case, Star Fox is back

Project Guard and Project Giant Robo

Two new projects that Shigeru Miyamoto is working on that he has shown gameplay for at the Nintendo Treehouse event. Basically, Giant Robo is like sumo wrestling with customizable giant robots and Project Guard is a tower defence game with you monitoring 12 security cameras with lasers that are guarding a building from robots. Both look pretty fun!

That about sums it up so far from Nintendo, but I’m sure there will be more announcements still to come this week. What game from Nintendo has got you excited the most so far?

E3 2014- Our Thoughts on Nintendo Digital Event!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is now underway!

We ‘ve looked at all of the other contenders… Now its time to take a look at Nintendo!
We will be following the announcement live here on GameOnGNT. Expect to see a Cliff Note’s version of that announcement in this article here today. This article will update as the NintendoDigital Event continues, so simply click the update button on your web browser to see the latest bits and blurbs about the announcement here on GameOnGNT.

Let’s begin!

The Nintendo Digital Event begins at 9 AM Pacific Time. Check out our updates!

9 AM – Digital Event begins with Robot Chicken style funny bit.
9:01 AM – Cool Super Smash Bros video snippet. The Miis are now in Super Smash Bros!
9:02 AM – Do I care about fighting as Miis? Not really, but cool to see them there.
9:02 AM – Meet Nintendo’s version of Skylanders! New Nintendo toys will be included in game.
9:03 AM – Masahiro Sakurai is speaking about the game. Mii Fighter allows anyone to join the battle.
9:03 AM – Serious work has been done to get the Miis into the game, with varieties of move sets available.
9:05 AM – Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, Mii Gunner
9:05 AM – Each type can choose four special moves for plenty of varieties.
9:06 AM – Sandbag is back in the game, as is Master Hand.
9:07 AM – First Smash Bros game on a handheld – October 3rd, 2014.
9:08 AM – Reggie Fils-Ame hits the stage.
9:08 AM – Amiibo – New toys bring to life characters, recognizing the similarity with Skylanders and Disney Infinity.
9:09 AM – Information can be sent back to the character to be stored as its played in different games.
9:10 AM – Super Smash Bros for Wii U will be the first game to support Amiibo.
9:10 AM – Amiibo play is being prepared for other Nintendo games to come, including one that’s already out… Mario Kart 8.
9:11 AM – More details about Amiibo are available on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.
9:12 AM – Reggie passes it over to game developers.
9:13 AM – Takashi Tekuza playing with yarn… YAAAAYYY.
9:13 AM – Yoshi Yarn game.
9:15 AM – Man, this is a slow part of the feature. Game focuses on exploration. No time limits.
9:16 AM – Yarn gives new ways to explore and new transformations, along with a two player mode. TWO YOSHIS.
9:16 AM – Two people can play to help each other out. Can be used to attack the other player or get them to hard to reach places.
9:18 AM – Yoshi’s Woolly World – 2015
9:18 AM – Oh dear god… Toad is getting his own game.
9:19 AM – Another Robot Chicken snippet… Bowser and Peach talking about donuts. Its actually pretty funny!
9:20 AM – The Legend of Zelda!! Now we’re talking!
9:21 AM – Getting a nice retrospective on how the Legend of Zelda works for world design.
9:22 AM – The new world of the Legend of Zelda screenshots are finally here!
9:23 AM – A totally wide open world with no set order for gameplay. Welcome to non-linear gameplay!
9:23 AM – So happy to see Epona back in the mix.
9:24 AM – New Zelda coming in 2015.
9:24 AM – Got a video of someone wandering a grand forest and caves. He has a Pokeball in his bag.
9:25 AM – Gameplay footage shown for Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby!
9:26 AM – Mega forms for all of the starters!
9:26 AM – Mega forms for Kyogre and Groudon shown as well!
9:26 AM – Robot chicken video of Fox and Little Mac. Little Mac can’t take off his gloves. Its pretty hilarious.
9:27 AM – Bayonetta 2 gameplay and visuals shown!
9:28 AM – Bayonetta included with Bayonetta 2… Available October 2014! That’s something I could really get into!
9:29 AM – On to Hyrule Warriors!
9:30 AM – Impa shown in battle. Giant bosses shown as well!
9:30 AM – Two player mode shown. One person playing with the TV screen, the other playing with the gamepad.
9:30 AM – You can also play as Zelda and Midna!
9:32 AM – They are calling this game a celebration of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. I would totally agree!
9:32 AM – Coming September 26th, 2014 (Hyrule Warriors)
9:33 AM – Another Kirby game coming to the Wii U!
9:33 AM – How many times are we going to fight that DAMN TREE!
9:34 AM – Kirby and the Rainbow Curse – 23015
9:34 AM – Monolith Soft’s game is being shown. We’re introduced to a girl named Elma.
9:35 AM = Cinematic trailer for this looks really cool. Xenoblade Chronicles X coming 2015!
9:35 AM – Another Robot Chicken video.
9:36 AM – Mario Maker, create your own custom Mario courses! In modern mario style and classic mario style. NEAT! Coming in 2015.
9:37 AM – New game for Wii U. Looks like a paintball game.
9:38 AM – Splatoon? 8 player 4 v 4 multiplayer action game. Team battles to claim their turf by splattering paint all over the place.
9:39 AM – Making a game where you can play as squids? Meh…
9:40 AM – You can switch back and forth between being a squid or being a person with a paint gun… MEH…
9:41 AM – Gamepad lets you see how much of the map is covered in what color of ink.
9:42 AM – Man, I really couldn’t care less about this Splatoon game.
9:44 AM – The gameplay of this game kind of looks fun, but I couldn’t see buying it. (Splatoon) Coming in 2015
9:45 AM – Wraps up things at the Nintendo Direct. Really? REALLY? That’s what you are ending it with?
9:45 AM – Come check out the Super Smash Bros Invitational… Yeah, I’ll just hop into my jet… Oh wait…
9:47 AM – Smash Bros video. Holy shit! Palutina will be playable! Pretty awesome animated video!
9:49 AM – This looks awesome! I want to play as Palutina!
9:50 AM – Shigeru Miyamoto hits the stage… err, Digital Event.
9:52 AM – More details will be shared through Nintendo’s Treehouse… Is this going all day?

While Nintendo Treehouse will be continuing through the day, our look at the Digital Event ends here! What did you think? What game has you the most excited?



E3 2014 – Our Look at Sony’s Press Conference

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is now underway!

We started the day with Microsoft. Now, we’re ending the day with Sony, discussing everything PlayStation!

We will be following the announcement live here on GameOnGNT. Expect to see  a Cliff Note’s version of that announcement in this article here today. This article will update as the Microsoft Press Conference continues, so simply click the update button on your web browser to see the latest bits and blurbs about the announcement here on GameOnGNT.

Let’s begin!

The Microsoft Press Conference begins at 6 PM Pacific Time. Check out our updates below or you can watch the announcement live at http://www.twitch.tv/twitch!

Side note – don’t try to watch all of the two hour Sony press conference on your mobile phone. I pretty much used up all of my two gig data limit for a month watching this presser, which is just nuts!

6 PM – Press Conference starts
6:04 PM – Destiny trailer starts.Shows off some of the game’s storyline and visuals. My interest with this game keeps growing every time I see a new video. Awesome.
6:08 PM – Andrew House hits the stage.
6:10 PM – July 17th, Destiny Beta comes to PlayStation first.
6:11 PM – This Thurday, Destiny alpha comes to PlayStation 4!
6:11 PM – White PS4 bundled with Destiny will be available on September 9th. Comes with 500 GB hard drive, PS4 Dualshock controller and a 30 day voucher for PS Plus.
6:12 PM – No game hits the stage. No idea what it is, but its freaky looking.
6:14 PM – Cinematic trailer of demons underground, transitions right between cinematic visuals to gameplay, looks almost identical.
6:15 PM – Game being shown is The Order 1886. Wow. Now I have a better idea of what this game actually is.
6:16 PM – Another trailer begins for Entwined, a game designed by two academic gaming programs. Its about two souls in love that can’t be together.
6:17 PM – Dual stick controller controls two unique characters.
6:19 PM – PS4 version of Entwined is available for $9.99 right now on PS4.
6:20 PM – PS3 and PS Vita versions of Entwined will follow soon. That means I can still get my hands on it at some point!
6:20 PM – Standalone DLC for Infamous Second Son is coming August 2014. Infamous: First Light.
6:21 PM – Time to talk about Little Big Planet 3! Sackboy is back!
6:22 PM – Sackboy isn’t alone… Meet Oddsack! A character who can wall jump.
6:23 PM – Another new character… Meet Toggle. Toggle allows you to push and move heavy objects.
6:24 PM – Yet another new character… Swoop, who can fly!
6:25 PM – Gameplay for Little Big Planet 3 kind of reminds me of The Lost Vikings.
6:28 PM – Shuhei Yoshida hits the stage, announces you play all the old levels made in Little Big Planet on the new game. It will carry over!
6:30 PM – Next game is from From Software… could it be Beast Souls?
6:33 PM – New From Software project has a name… Bloodborne. And its coming 2015. This game looks like it will be awesome.
6:33 PM – Far Cry 4 is back on stage, this time with a gameplay video.
6:35 PM – Far Cry 4 looks absolutely amazing. The hud is clutter free, combat is fast paced and transitions in gameplay style is seemless. Amazing, simply amazing.
6:36 PM – You can jump from one vehicle to another, kill the driver and throw them out, then crash that vehicle off a cliff before jumping out in a wing suit and continuing on. It all seems too good to be true.
6:37 PM – No shit! A second player can join in with another character mid-game. Hopefully, you can approve it beforehand and it doesn’t happen simultaneously.
6:39 PM – Adam Boyes hits the stage. When Far Cry 4 comes out in November, PS3 and PS4 gamers can invite their friends to join them in gameplay through PS Plus… and they don’t even have to own Far Cry 4 to join in. That’s freaking sick!
6:40 PM – Deep Silver presents a cinematic trailer of a new zombie game.
6:42 PM – Jogger turns into a zombie mid jog. Hilarious!
6:42 PM – Why is the turtle van in this game?
6:42 PM – Turns out the game is Dead Island 2. Looks pretty fun, even though it was clearly a cinematic trailer.
6:43 PM – The Last of Us is coming to PS4, as is Diablo 3. When Diablo 3 comes to PS3, enemies from the Last of Us will be in the game!
6:44 PM- They talked about the Battlefield Hardline beta for PS4 again. Now on PS4.
6:45 PM – Gameplay trailer shown for Battlefield Hardline.
6:45 PM – Oh god, Disney Infinity 2 collector’s edition coming to PS3 and PS4. Someone get an Ax.
6:46 PM – Destiny Exclusive content will be coming to PS4 at launch first. Why does anybody care about this shit!
6:47 PM – Paradox Interactive brought a pretty funny trailer to E3. Magicka 2… Learn to Spell Again!
6:49 PM – Tim Schaefer and Double Fine will be remastering Grim Fandango for the PS4, Ps3 and PS Vita.
6:51 PM – Devolver Digital is working on a slate of titles for PS Platforms, including Broforce (awesome), Titan Souls (Meh), Not a Hero (looks kind of neat), Hotline Miami 2 (never got the first one, so meh) and The Talos Principle (which could be pretty interesting!)
6:53 PM – PS4 Exclusive – Let It Die – First Person RPG coming 2015 and it looks like freaking Fallout. I want to know more!
6:55 PM – Giant Squid’s brand new game, Abzu announced. From the people who brought you Journey, now in a new studio.
6:57 PM – Abzu looks incredibly artistic. Yup, definitely from the guys who brought you Journey!
6:58 PM – trailer starts for an unnamed game, a first person space style shooter.
6:59 PM – Starts with land exploration and heads to space… SEEMLESSLY.
7 PM – Then travels down to another planet… AGAIN SEEMLESSLY.
7 PM – The game is called No Man’s Sky. Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games and creator of No Man’s Sky, hits the stage.
7:01 PM – No Man’s Sky focuses on an infinite universe that everyone can share. every player will start on a different planet, so no one has the same experience.
7:03 PM – More video of No Man’s Sky is shown and this game is officially insane. Its like Minecraft if there were thousands of worlds to explore and the graphics looked actually good!
7:04 PM – Here comes the hardware announcements…
7:04 PM – Project Morpheus on site at E3. People can test it out.
7:06 PM – PSN has 95 percent of PS4s worldwide connected.
7:07 PM – 1 Billion multiplayer sessions played since the PS4s launch. That’s crazy hours put into gaming.
7:08 PM – YouTube will be coming to PS4 late this year. This will allow gamers to upload videos with a push of the Share Button. Someone get me a PS4 now!!
7:09 PM – Twitch and UStream on PS4 will now have interactivity as you watch people game. Get ready to hear people shout Dickbutt at you a thousand times while playing.
7:10 PM – Playroom will be getting new content boost. Allowing people to customize their broadcast experience and look more amateur-professional. Or just make more porn, whichever comes first.
7:11 PM – 25 Free to Play games coming to PlayStation 4, including Planetside 2 and Guns Up.
7:13 PM – PlayStation Now service will start with PS3 titles and be available for PS4 starting July 31st. PS3 and PS Vita to follow soon after.
7:15 PM – PS Now experience will come to Sony television as well. All you need is a PS4 controller to play.
7:16 PM – PS Now on PS Vita will give the handheld the best mobile library in existence, especially when you add in Remote Play. And no one will buy it.
7:18 PM – More news on PlayStation TV. Coming in the future, bringing 1000 games at launch and selling for 99 dollars!!
7:19 PM – A bundle will be available for $139, including a dualshock, an 8 GB memory card, HDMI cable and a voucher for the Lego Movie Game. Great if you don’t already have a PS3 or PS4. Oh wait…
7:21 PM – Worldwide premiere of gameplay footage for Mortal Kombat 10.
7:22 PM – Looks like new characters are being introduced… A big guy being ridden by a little girl and some sort of Ladybug woman.
7:25 PM – Powers TV show being talked about. Nobody cares.
7:30 PM – Powers will be available in the US in December. PS Plus users get the whole series free. 10 people now care about Powers.
7:31 PM – Ratchet and Clank movie coming in 2015. Again, no one cares.
7:32 PM – Ratchet and Clank PS4 game coming first quarter 2015. Now you got our attention!
7:33 PM – Last of Us Remastered, coming July 29th, 2014. Thanks for spoiling stuff from the game in the trailer guys!
7:35 Pm – New Trailer for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.
7:39 PM – Nuclear, the song for the Phantom Pain Trailer sounds absolutely amazing and I want to steal it now!
7:40 PM – Grand Theft Auto 5, coming to PlayStation 4 in Fall 2014. Hooray for relaunching games we already have!7:41 PM – PS3 characters can be transferred to PS4 Grand Theft Auto V

7:42 PM – Batman: Arkham Knights gameplay trailer shown. It looks leaps and bounds above PS3 and XBox 360 Arkham games.
7:43 PM – Batmobile looks sick.
7:44 PM – … And the Batmobile can turn into a tank! Awesome… just awesome!
7:45 PM – Its amazing to see that all of these gameplay mechanics are seamless… I haven’t seen a loading screen yet!
7:46 PM – Scarecrow appears at the end of the trailer and looks freaking amazing.
7:47 PM – Stream seems to have broken
7:48 PM – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Confirmed. Closes the show!

Well, that was the Sony Press Conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, guys! What did you think? Did Microsoft release anything groundbreaking? What game has got you the most excited?

E3 2014 – Our Look at Ubisoft’s Press Conference

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is now underway!

Microsoft and EA have had a chance to have their say on stage, now its Ubisoft’s turn.

Ubisoft is just coming off of the launch of Watch Dogs, and with Assassin’s Creed V and Far Cry 4 looming in the distance, you know that will have to be mentioned at some point. There’s a number of franchises Ubisoft could draw from here, so we’ll see what they cover in their announcement.

We will be following the announcement live here on GameOnGNT. Expect to see a Cliff Note’s version of that announcement in this article here today. This article will update as the Microsoft Press Conference continues, so simply click the update button on your web browser to see the latest bits and blurbs about the announcement here on GameOnGNT.

Let’s begin!

The Ubisoft Press Conference begins at 3 PM Pacific Time. Check out our updates below or you can watch the announcement live at http://www.twitch.tv/twitch!

2:55 PM – The Presentation started with a funny short from the Raving Rabbids. It was pretty sweet!
3 PM – Far Cry 4 video to start things off!
3:05 PM – Showed us the first five minutes of Far Cry 4. Main villain looks amazing.
3:07 PM – Aisha Taylor hits the stage with to host the Ubisoft presentation.
3:08 PM – Why do I do these pressers when the internet is so full of bullshit? Because I love video games. Great answer!
3:09 PM – Just Dance 2015 is being profiled. Sold ridiculous numbers and new songs included in the game. Have fun!
3:12 PM – Just Dance 2015 is coming in October 2014. Gotta love annual franchises, right?
3:12 Pm – Just Dance Now for tablet, PC or mobile phones. You follow the motions of the dancer on the screen. Now this time, the controller is the mobile phone.
3:14 PM – Anyone with a mobile phone can play the game. Now everyone in the auditorium is dancing like an idiot. This is motion gaming, people!
3:16 PM – OK, this Aisha Taylor needs to tone down the sarcasm… just a little bit. She’s funny, but I don’t care. Bring on the games.
3:16 PM – Petter Mannerfelt, Massive A Ubisoft Studios is here to talk about Tom Clancy’s The Division. Here’s hoping it builds on what we saw at the Microsoft Press Conference.
3:17 PM – Cinematic trailer showing what happened to New York and the build up to the start of the game.
3:19 PM – New York is really falling apart in this game… So you know, kind of like real life, except with more viruses and death.
3:21 PM – This game looks freaking sweet! Seriously, this could be the first next gen game that has me excited for XBox One and PS4. (The Division)
3:22 PM – The Crew hits the stage! Coast to coast without a single load screen sounds pretty ambitious to me, but if they pull it off… Amazing!
3:25 PM – What about Canada, The Crew? WHAT ABOUT CANADA?
3:26 PM – Extended access of the game has been given to the Ubisoft community and driving fanatics. Meeting at the foot of a snowtopped mountain and driving to the top was born from this. Cool!
3:28 PM – Crew Battle playoffs happening on Twitch June 10th and 11th, showcasing beta play of The Crew.
3:28 PM – July 23rd, closed beta of the Crew opens!
3:28 PM – November 11th on XBox One, PS4 and PC, the crew hits the street!
3:29 PM – Assassin’s Creed: Unity hits the stage. Alex Amancio of Ubisoft Montreal talks about the setting and gameplay.
3:29 PM – Cinematic trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Unity starts. Looks very pretty!
3:30 PM – The song for this trailer sounds fantastic!! What the hell is it?
3:33 PM – October 26th, 2014 – Assassin’s Creed: Unity comes out!
3:37 PM – Gameplay for Assassin’s Creed: Unity seems to flow really smoothly from location to location and from gameplay to cutscene. Its great to see Ubisoft get it right!
3:38 PM – Going from outdoor to indoor locations is also really smooth. This game looks reallly good!
3:42 PM – Shape Up, a new fitness game announced! First words out of Charles Huteau’s mouth… Fitness is boring! (Take that, GameNTrain!)
3:43 PM – Took key fitness moves that are part of a workout and turned them into parts of a mission to complete a level.
3:44 PM – The recall feature, the game recalls your best performance and pits you against a video recording of yourself. Wow!
3:45 PM – The developer seems to be playing what reminds of a Guitar Hero style rhythm game, but combined with fitness. Neat!
3:45 PM – You beat yourself… well done! That just sounds so wrong, you crazy host!
3:46 PM – US developers versus French developers on stage for multiplayer in Shape Up!
3:47 PM – Its a push-up contest! I think its safe to say this game would kill me and my flabby ass!
3:48 PM – I’m amazed at these guys and their will to do push-ups… I’d be collapsing on stage, not gonna lie!
3:49 PM – On the 100th anniversary of World War 1 comes Valient Heart.
3:50 PM – Wow, this is definitely a stylized game. That dog is so sad! That game is coming June 25th, 2014.
3:52 PM – Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot hits the stage, gives a big thank you to everyone watching and the Ubisoft team. He has one more game to show!
3:54 PM – Pre-alpha footage captured in a multiplayer match. What is this game?
3:55 PM – The game has a team of criminals boarding up the house with a hostage inside. Then you have a team that has to infiltrate the house and save the hostages.
3:57 PM – This game looks like it would be a lot of fun! Team squad gameplay, 5 v 5 play, destructible environments.
3:59 PM – Game’s title is Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six – Siege. Wow! That looks good!
4 PM – End of show. Awesome!

Well, that was the Ubisoft Press Conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, guys! What did you think? Did Microsoft release anything groundbreaking? What game has got you the most excited?

E3 2014 – Our look at EA’s Press Conference

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is now underway!

EA is the next company to hit the stage today, regarding the future plans for many of their top franchises or maybe even some surprises that long time fans might not expect.

We will be following the announcement live here on GameOnGNT. Expect to see a Cliff Note’s version of that announcement in this article here today. This article will update as the Microsoft Press Conference continues, so simply click the update button on your web browser to see the latest bits and blurbs about the announcement here on GameOnGNT.

Let’s begin!

The Microsoft Press Conference begins at 12 PM Pacific Time. Check out our updates below or you can watch the announcement live at http://www.twitch.tv/twitch!

12 PM – EA Press Conference Begins… with Star Wars!

12:02 PM – Star Wars Battlefront coming to show more in Spring 2015
12:03 PM – 12 games to be showcased throughout the course of EA’s presentation… How many different sports are there?
12:05 PM – Dragon Age: Inquisition to be the first game featured from Bioware.
12:06 PM – Starts with live music, overtop of game visuals. Is this the same presentation as during the XBox Press conference?
12:07 PM – Aaryn Flynn – Studio General Manager says you can explore more freely than in past Dragon Age games.
12:08 PM – Gameplay video shown! Finally get a chance to see this game’s battle system in action.
12:09 PM – Fighting a high dragon looks so sweet!
12:10 PM – Looking at the tactical camera, you can pause the battle, position members on the field and make it work.
12:10 PM – First look at team of heroes.
12:11 PM – Blackwall – Grey Warden, Sarah – Wildcard who draws strength from the common, The Iron Bull – Qunari mercernary, Vivia – Mage with incredible power. I want the Qunari on my team for sure!
12:12 PM – Taking you to a whole new region in space in the new Mass Effect.
12:13 PM – Team in Edmonton is developing a completely new IP.
12:13 PM – Trying to build a fictional world that is alive and constantly changing.
12:14 PM – No date mentioned for the new Mass Effect or the new IP.
12:14 PM – Here comes the Sims… The Sims 4 controls mind, body and hearts of the Sims. You define your Sims personality.
12:15 PM – The Sims 4 looks interesting at just the variety of locations you can go to and bring your characters.
12:17 PM – You can bring in other peoples Sims into this game. I want an Obama character!
12:18 PM – Apparently you can die laughing. Who let the Joker into this game.
12:18 PM – Sims 4 coming out in September… Guess who won’t be picking up this one? This guy!
12:19 PM – Bruce Lee in UFC?? Thanks for robbing the grave, EA! Also, thanks for showing us this old news again EA.
12:20 PM – Gameplay footage of the UFC game. Looks just like any other UFC game I’ve seen before.
12:22 PM – Available next week? The new UFC game.
12:22 PM – The NHL Franchise is the next sport in the spotlight. Showing screenshots of the game right now.
12:23 PM – NHL 15 first look at actual gameplay in motion.
12:24 PM – Screw you EA. This is not actual gameplay in motion. This is clearly a highlight reel using in-game models.
12:26 PM – Criterion Games showcasing a game very early.
12:27 PM – I want an office pub! The GameOnGNT office would be very pleased.
12:28 PM – We’re seeing a whole bunch of different vehicles, based on action footage through go pros and YouTUbe.
12:28 PM – They’re calling it the biggest games that Criterion has ever made. Let’s hope they can make it work.
12:29 PM – Onward to Tiberon, using Frostbite 3 for a bloody golf game!
12:30 PM – Pushing the boundaries of golf… And cue my snoring.
12:30 PM – Onward to Madden NFL 15… Cue EVEN LOUDER SNORING.
12:31 Pm – More control on defence than ever before, along with 100s of new player reactions.
12:32 PM – Bringing in an award winning cinematographer from NFL films to do camera angles in this game. Remember folks… Football is serious business!
12:32 PM – Coming on August 25th, Madden NFL 15.
12:33 PM – Dawngate, a new MOBA. This game is being improved with a constant dialogue with the game players.
12:34 PM – All of the characters and map are part of a massive epic story arc. MOBAs have stories?
12:37 PM – MIRROR’S EDGE! Faith’s design looks awesome!
12:38 PM – Loving to see the Parkour artists being invited in for Mirror Edge 2’s development.
12:39 PM – Combat in Mirror’s Edge 2 looks really cool.
12:40 PM – Fifa 15. Back to being bored… Yawn…
12:42 PM – I’m hearing a lot of promises being made by Fifa 15 that were made when other sports made their way to next gen. Guess how well that worked out? (Fifa 15)
12:44 PM – Now its time to talk about Battlefield: Hardline! A huge change for Battlefield!
12:46 PM – Much more like a gritty TV crime drama as opposed to your traditional first person shooter.
12:47 Pm – showing off a 32 person heist multiplayer in Hardline. Cops vs Robbers on a grand scale!
12:49 PM – I’ve never been a big fan of the Battlefield series, but the gameplay looks like it’d be a lot of fun here. My question is how do a gang of robbers get their hands on BALLISTIC WEAPONRY!?
12:51 PM – Destructive environments still look pretty awesome! That crane falling was pretty sweet!
12:52 PM – Did he just say Don’t Taze Me Bro?? Lovely…
12:54 PM – Launching a beta of Battlefield Hardline today for PC and PS4. Go and sign up!
12:56 PM – Beta is live now! Go sign up!
Well, that was the EA Press Conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, guys! What did you think? Did Microsoft release anything groundbreaking? What game has got you the most excited?

E3 2014 – Our look at Microsoft’s Press Conference

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is now underway!

Microsoft opened up the show with their big press conference this morning, regarding the future plans for the XBox 360 and the XBox One.

We will be following the announcement live here on GameOnGNT. Expect to see  a Cliff Note’s version of that announcement in this article here today. This article will update as the Microsoft Press Conference continues, so simply click the update button on your web browser to see the latest bits and blurbs about the announcement here on GameOnGNT.

Let’s begin!

The Microsoft Press Conference begins at 9:30 AM Pacific Time. Check out our updates below or you can watch the announcement live at http://www.twitch.tv/twitch!

9:30 AM – Microsoft Press Conference begins.

9:32 AM – Sledgehammer Games opens the show with XBox owners being the first to play all the add-on content for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for XBox One.
9:33 AM – Video for Advanced Warfare begins. Graphics look pretty amazing.
9:35 AM – It appears that you can do moves that control how fast you fall from a high jump. Advanced Warfare looks super high tech. Is this a gameplay demo without a HUD?
9:37 AM – Drones look pretty freaky, but using a car door to plug the airborne swarm seems pretty cool (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare)
9:41 AM – Dan Greenawalt, Turn Ten hits the stage. Talking about Forza Motorsport 5. Talking about cars and race tracks and I understand nothing.
9:43 AM – Playground Games Ralph Fulton talks about Forza Horizon 2. Where can I get flashy graphics for my name.
9:44 AM – 1080p ??? Nobody cares! Show me gameplay. Apparently you can build a club for Forza Horizon 2 with up to 1,000 members.
9:45 AM – Coming out September 30th for XBox One. Forza Horizon 2 launch date now known.
9:46 AM – Forza Horizon 2 video starts. Commence techno dance party! Time to start grinding!
9:47 AM – 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios – Evolve – Cinematic trailer for the game shown. Squad based game with multiple classes and you can be the monster.That’s pretty cool!
9:48 AM – Vincent Pontbriand – Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed V discussed. Biggest playground ever with 100s of quests. You can also form your own brotherhood with up to three friends on XBox Live.
9:49 AM – Gameplay demo of Assassin’s Creed V. You can walk through buildings apparently. Your buddies are playing simultaneously with you.
9:51 AM – Stop showing the guys playing! I don’t care. Camera shots on the guys playing the game take way too long.
9:54 AM – Great gameplay trailer! (Assassin’s Greed Unity
9:55 AM – What was your first game you played? Talking to developers who work with XBox. Why won’t anyone mention Mario?
9:55 AM – Dragon Age Inquisition!!!! Cinematic trailer is looking pretty sweet!! Coming October 7th!
9:57 AM – Another cinematic trailer. No idea what the game is though.
9:58 AM – Oh… Sunset Overdrive. Another cinematic trailer.
9:59 AM – You and your crate are safe now. Great line! Glad to see this game has a sense of humor!
10 AM – Ted Price from Insomniac Games is now out talking about Sunset Overdrive!
10:01 AM – Sweet, we’re actually getting a gameplay demo of this game! It looks like a third person action game. Kind of reminds me of a Saints Row meets Dead Rising.
10:02 AM – You can just bounce around anywhere in this game! Double jumps and fun in a bun!
10:03 AM – Eight player experience outside of the campaign as well. (Sunset Overdrive) – Available October 28th on XBox One.
10:04 AM – Capcom 31st Anniversary announces Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Hyper Edition Remix Alpha. Available Now on XBox Live.
10:05 AM – Harmonix hits the stage! Harmonix still exists?
10:05 AM – Disney Fantasia Music Evolved coming to XBox 360. Dance Central Spotlight, digital only, coming to XBox One, dancing to the hottest hits of the moment each week.
10:06 AM – David Eckelberry hits the stage. Again, where do I get a flashy nameplate.
10:06 AM – Fable Legends is announced. Get ready for the upsell!! Why am I not interested in Fable anymore?
10:09 AM – We want more than just a cooperative Fable. We want you to be the villain. You can control the world from above and place every creature, trap and obstacle in the way. Now that is a unique element, but how will that affect the game’s overall campaign? Will there be a campaign?
10:11 AM – Did he just shoot the boss in the butt? (Fable Legends)
10:12 AM – Multiplayer Beta for Fable Legends begins this fall.
10:12 AM – What game would you like to see mashed together?
10:13 AM – Coming this Winter. Project Spark. Cinematic Trailer.
10:14 AM – Zombie mechs from space, eh?
10:14 AM – Conker!!! He’s going to be included in Project Spark. Why not just make him a new game already??
10:15 AM – Only on XBox One from Moon Studios. Bring on the Indie Games!
10:16 AM – Ori and the Blind Forest. Looks neat, hopefully the platforming holds up!
10:17 AM – What Video game character would you hang out with? This is like Quick Question with Kyle Born level questions.
10:17 AM – Halo 5 video. Is he riding a porcupine?
10:18 AM – The new video showed a snippet of the new Halo playable character
10:19 AM – Bonnie Ross – 343 Studios hits the stage to talk about Halo 5. This game will focus on Master Chief’s journey and future, and introduce a new main character.
10:21 AM – November 11th, you can get Halo: Master Chief Collection. Co-workers want view of presenter, not Halo itself. A female in gaming? I gotta see this!
10:22 AM – Single unified interface all on one disc, all four games with everything unlocked.
10:23 AM – Audience, stop clapping… I’m trying to speak!
10:23 AM – Halo multiplayer gameplay shown. So many vistas popping… What the hell is a vista?
10:24 AM – Congratulations for remaking a 10 year old game with the power of the XBox One.
10:25 AM – Halo Nightfall is in production.
10:26 AM – Halo 5 Guardians Beta is available in December.
10:27 AM – Phil Spencer hits the stage, still talking about Master Chief Collection.
10:28 AM – Sharing a selection of games from the 2015 portfolio
10:28 AM – Coming Early 2015… From Playdead… Inside. Quite the build-up for a depressing platformer. Doesn’t really look fun, just cinematic and depressing.
10:30 AM – Chris Charla, Director at XBox. Talking about the ID @ XBox program.
10:31 AM – I need to know more about this Cuphead. Quite the name!
10:31 AM – Aztez, Knight Squad, Plague Inc Evolved, White Night, Earthlock, Cuphead, Drifter, Lifeless Planet, Slash Dash, Fru, Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time, Mighty No 9, Grave, Threes, Fenix Rage, Woolfe Grin, #IDarb, Hellraid, Below,
10:33 AM – Out of all of those, I loved Cuphead. Go Mickey Mouse style game.
10:33 AM – What is your favorite video game? Just reveal freaking Battletoads already!!
10:34 AM – Very cinematic visuals being shown for a game/show of some kind… Quantum Break?
10:35 AM – TOMB RAIDER… Rise of the Tomb Raider introduced!
10:35 AM – CD Projeck Red, John Mamais presenting gameplay from the Witcher 3. I like these guys… there’s no bullshit. They just got right into the gameplay.
10:37 AM – Witcher gameplay looks really smooth and solid. It looks good… but its no Inside!
10:38 AM – broadcast started to freeze during the Witcher 3. ITS TOO POWERFUL FOR THE INTERNET!
10:41 AM – We’re getting another rebooted game! What is this game?
10:42 AM – The Battle for Reality Begins… Phantom Dust is coming back… what the hell is Phantom Dust??
10:43 AM – How many hours did you play your favorite game for? JUST ANNOUNCED BATTLETOADS ALREADY!!
10:44 AM – Ryan Barnard hits the stage to talk about Tom Clancy: The Division. I thought Tom Clancy was dead…
10:45 AM – New content first on XBox One… Impressed no one ever. (Tom Clancy: The Division)
10:47 AM – Squad based combat again. Communications seem neat and visuals look pretty awesome!
10:48 AM – The flying, blinding device in The Division is really cool.
10:49 AM – Tom Clancy The Division coming 2015.
10:50 AM – Platinum Games, Hideki Kamiya, presenting an XBox One exclusive game.
10:51 AM – Scalebound. A guy partnered with a dragon taking on other monsters. Neat!
10:52 AM – David Jones from Cloudgine announcing the return of a game with a whole new campaign and a multiplayer experience.
10:53 AM – You’re in luck. We like Dominos! Now that’s an action-hero line if I ever heard one!
10:55 AM – Destroyed an entire city… alright! Crackdown is coming back!
10:57 AM – NO BATTLETOADS?? WHY XBOX WHY?? Just kidding. A lot of the games that were actually looked pretty sweet!


Onward to Adventure – Secret of Evermore – Part One

The Adventure begins!

Onward to Adventure gets underway today , showcasing the Secret of Evermore.

In part one, our host Jeff Johnson gets this game underway and begins to the explore the jungles of Evermore.

GameOn Host Jeff Johnson has always had a silent love affair with Role Playing Games. Now, he will be sharing his experiences with Role Playing Games with you!

We’re starting the journey by playing Secret of Evermore, so check out Part One today.

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GameOn Random Boardgame Night – Scattergories

What does the GameOn team do when they don’t feel like playing a video game or they have more people than controllers readily available?

You have a board game night, of course!

Today, we bring you a random video of the GameOn team playing board games. This time around, we’re Scattergories, although I’m not sure if GameOn Host Jeff Johnson truly knows how this game works.

Remember, bullshit your way to victory!

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The RPG Hit List – Seven games on the to do list

For nearly as long as I’ve been playing games, I’ve been trying out RPGs.

But even though I’ve been Role Playing Games for nearly 20 years, there’s still a long list of games that I’ve never played. Be it action-RPGs or dungeon crawlers, there are a number of games that stand out for me.

Below are a list of the seven role playing games that I hope to give a go at some point. You might see them in Onward to Adventure. You might not. The point is, these are games that I definitely want to play and I feel deserve the time of day.

Skyrim: Elder Scrolls 5


No, don’t skip this article already. Just because I haven’t played Skyrim does not mean I am out of date when it comes to RPGs, I just haven’t got around to it.

There is no way I could make a list of RPGs that I need to play without mentioning Skyrim. This game took role playing games to a whole new level. Its insane the level of detail that this game went into with nearly everything, from how in-depth you could go with various aspects of the game’s characters to simply the gorgeous visuals found anywhere and everything.

So why haven’t I got into it yet? Its too damn long with the available time that I’ve had!

Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2


Yes, I know the trilogy of Final Fantasy XIII games are one of the black marks on the Final Fantasy series. I know that this set of games couldn’t possibly measure up to gems like Final Fantasy VI or X, but its still Final Fantasy.

The odd thing about this entry is that I own both of these games, I just haven’t taken the time to play them. I can guarantee you that you will be seeing these games on Onward to Adventure at some point.

Tales of Xillia or Tales of Graces f


This is going to seem like an odd set of games to have on this list, because the only reason they are here is because of another game, Tales of Vesperia.

I enjoyed playing the Tales games on both the PlayStation One and the Gamecube, but it was Tales of Vesperia that became the first game in the series that I had fully beaten.

Seeing as how Tales of Xillia and Tales of Graces f both seem to carry the same system used in Vesperia, it only makes sense for me to give these games a go and hope for that same experience.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls Artwork

Its free on XBox Live right now through Games with Gold and it has the notorious reputation of being one of the hardest role playing games in recent memory.

That alone should be all that’s needed to motivate me to play this game. On one hand, I love a challenge. On another, I’m cheap and I’m not going to turn down a free game!

South Park: The Stick of Truth


I never thought I would say this… A South Park RPG actually looks good!

Over the years, I’ve experienced some really bad South Park games. And I mean that, REALLY BAD. Look at the Nintendo 64 for a clear look at one of the worst South Park games around.

But this isn’t like that. South Park: The Stick of Truth is a well-written game, crafted by Trey Parker and Matt Stone themselves. While I haven’t played it myself, I’ve heard from quite a few people who have played it, telling me it plays extremely well and takes into consideration all that South Park fans may have expected from it.

For that reason alone, this game is worth my attention.

Xenoblade Chronicles

xenoblade chronicles

One of the games that I loved playing in the days of the PlayStation One was Xenogears. It was a unique experience at the time, combining combo style fighting, mech combat and anime visuals with a full RPG storyline. Even though the second half of the game was butchered compared to the beginning, the game overall was still worth my time.

Then came Xenosaga… which f**ked everything up.

Now fast forward many years later and Xenoblade Chronicles came out for the Wii. It looks good, gameplay looks strong and from what I hear, it has a very interesting story. Perhaps Xenoblade Chronicles redeemed the Xeno series of games. I won’t know until I try it for myself.

dot Hack Outbreak and dot Hack Quarantine

dot hack outbreak

I’ve never been a big fan of the dot Hack anime, but I really got into the dot Hack games. Something about the concept of playing a solo player experience of a simulated MMORPG made things interesting. Add to that the unique story being told in these games being carried over through four installments makes for an experience that was far ahead of its time.

I played through dot Hack Infection and dot Hack Mutation, but never got a chance to play the other two games, simply because I couldn’t find them at my local game shops. Its been years since I played the first few chapters of this game and watching Sword Art Online has got me thinking about this series once again. I’d definitely be willing to pick it up again if I found the sequels.