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Welcome Back to the Post Game Show!


The GameOn Post Game Show Returns!

Its February and we are back from our hiatus. Its been a long time since we left, did you miss us?

Our goal is to return on a regular basis. Expect a new podcast from us every Thursday.

Find out in today’s episode what features you can expect from our relaunched line-up.


GameOnGNT Adventures in Cosplay – Thoughts on Calgary Expo 2017

GameOn’s Jeff Johnson and Blaze Dobson talk about their experiences with cosplay at the 2017 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

Blaze shares his experience meeting with Todd McFarlane, issues with Calgary Expo’s fast pass system and the thrill of taking four costumes to this year’s event.

Thanks for watching and apologies for the delays. More content from this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo coming soon!

Shopping With Steve At The Calgary Expo

The GameOn team has been going to conventions for years and if there is one thing that is constant about the convention experience, its shopping!

Today, GameOn’s Steve is tackling the issue of shopping at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!

Steve gives some tips on what you can expect when shopping at these big events.

Steve also speaks with a number of Calgary Expo’s regular vendors, to give you an idea of what work goes into getting ready for an event that brings 100,000 potential shoppers to your booth.

Check out our feature today and let us know about your shopping experiences. What do you think about shopping at conventions?

Thanks to Kutting Edge, Redd Skull Comics​ and New Game Plus for taking part in this feature!

GameOnGNT Update – What to Expect in September!

Alright guys, Jeff Johnson here and its time to share an update with you guys!

Onward to Aventure Logo Serious

First off, apologies for the disappearance of Onward to Adventure. The summer has kind of run away on us, what with planning my wedding and recovering from my wedding.

I know I had big plans for Onward to Adventure at the beginning of summer and I do plan to get back to it soonish.

Basically, our plan right now is to enjoy a bit of a summer break with GameOnGNT. There are a few videos I plan to get out before the end of August, just to tie up some loose ends, but the real show will get back up and running in September.

The following features are coming back this year unchanged…

Thoughts of the Day

Thoughts of the Day

– We know these features get a great response from you, our audience, so of course we are going to bring them back! Now that Jeff Johnson’s mind is off of wedding planning, it can go back to where it should be… video games (or raising kids while trying to sneak in some time for video games and a website. Either way works!)

 GameOn Interviews

Two Best Friends Play Logo

– I love talking to celebrities, cosplayers and the like. Judging by the fews some of these interviews have been getting, you also like it when we talk to these people as well!

I’m going to do my best to hunt down more great interviews for you. Our first stop in September is the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, where she should be able to have a chance to chat with some awesome guests!

Speaking of Edmonton Expo…

 GameOn Event Coverage

Sexy Lingerie Party Video Image

Yes, we will be getting back to covering events. We have a number of events that we are hoping to cover once again this year, including our first time covering the Edmonton Expo as a standalone website and YouTube channel (No GameNTrain affiliations here!)

We’re also excited about the idea of going back to Calgary Expo for its big 10-year anniversary in 2015, as well as a handful of other events.

Also, for a first time, we will be doing our part to support Extra Life in our local area, so be sure to check out what we have in store for you through that event.

And of course, you can expect the return of Quick Questions with Kyle Born when we go back to Calgary as well!

 Shay Plays

The-Legend-of-Zelda-Ocarina-of-Time BANNER

Now that Shay is done with wedding planning as well, we can do a renewed focus on Shay Plays features. This means we should be able to bring you more Shay Plays features and at a more regular pace.

Don’t worry, we won’t be playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time forever!
GameOn Party Nights


We are definitely looking forward to having GameOn Party Nights go on. All of our team members are ready to have some game nights and share the craziness of multiplayer gaming with you.

We’re so excited for this that we’ve already recorded two of our upcoming GameOn Party Night features for next month!

You’ll have to wait and see what games we’re bringing your way in September.


The following features are returning this year, either coming back from a hiatus or are receiving some tweaks…

Zelda Best of the Best

Best of the Best will be coming back from about a year hiatus, focusing on discussing the entire run of a video game series in various media.

We finished off our first season of Best of the Best with an in-depth look at the Legend of Zelda series. While we can’t promise you will see a feature that intense again, we will commit to giving each game franchise its due if it is featured in Best of the Best.

Onward to Aventure Logo Serious

Onward to Adventure will be getting a reboot, with the first four episodes of the feature being published on GameOnGNT this September, followed by new content.

Retro Gameplay Logo

The Untitled Retro Gameplay Feature Thing will be coming back this year and will finally be getting a title! The Untitled Retro Gameplay Feature Thing will be renamed Jeff’s Classic Playthroughs, since GameOn Host Jeff Johnson is in every single retro play video.

A few games will be making their way to the channel through Jeff’s Classic Playthroughs and you can expect a lot of GameOn team members join in along the way for these features.

 The following features will not be coming back for another run…

GameOn Post Game Show
Thoughts of the Day – Post Game Show Edition

gameongnt Post Game Show
The podcast itself was too much of a demand on our time, especially with everything that we do on GameOnGNT being done by one person editing. It made more sense to focus on what we’re known for, gameplay videos and Thoughts of the Days, as opposed to lengthy podcasts that weren’t registering well with fans.

The Onward to Adventure YouTube channel

Onward to Adventure YouTube

Currently, at this stage of the game, it makes no sense to post content on both YouTube channels for GameOnGNT and Onward to Adventure. Specific playlists will be set-up for Onward to Adventure content on GameOnGNT, but the Onward to Adventure channel itself will be left dormant for the time being. This will not affect the feature itself, just where the videos are being posted.

 And lastly, a new feature will be introduced in September…

Husband VS Wife

Jeff and Shay Engage 1

As you might know, GameOn contributors Jeff and Shayla recently got married. This feature will capitalize on that new dynamic to their relationship in a gaming contest.

Husband VS Wife will largely focus on party games or other games that we can turn competitive (ie. life sharing on Super Mario Bros, etc.)

That’s the latest from GameOnGNT when it comes to our ongoing features. We’re looking forward to an exciting start to another season, starting in September!