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The GameNTrain Days – Episode 3 – April 19th, 2012


This episode, we continue our interview with Voice actor Kyle Hebert. You know him from Dragon Ball Z (Gohan) and Street Fighter (Ryu) and we interview UFC fighter Mark “The Machine” Hominick.

Also, we have Hit or Miss with Kevin Stanfield and Killing Time with Kyle Born!


The GameNTrain Days – Episode 2 – April 12th, 2012


Back for its second episode, this podcast during the GameNTrain days features discussion on the Madden NFL cover (for that year), some exercise tips and an interview with Voice Actor Kyle Hebert of Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighter fame!

Part two of that interview is featured in Episode 3!

Fitness Friday 7 – A Non Gym Week

Jeff and Jo are in the second half of their fitness journey as the Fitness Inc Body Challenge continues.

Unfortunately, both of them decided this would be a good week to NOT GO TO THE GYM, for various reasons.

Jeff and Jo are both taking part in the Fitness Inc Body Challenge. The person who loses the largest percentage of body weight through the competition wins a trip to Las Vegas, a one year gym membership and personal training sessions.

Every Friday, listen to 102.9 The Drive in Cranbrook for Fitness Friday. If you miss it, you can catch it here online.

A Rough Run-in With the Scale…

I’m going to share a rough moment I had today, so bear with me.

I know I’m not supposed to use other scales while we’re doing the body challenge, that it can be our biggest enemy with our own weight loss goals. I definitely learned that today.

I have to do a monthly check-up with my doctor since my gall bladder issue happened in December. Every time I go, I have to do a weigh-in, to check my status and see where I’m at with my weight.

Weight on the scale

On Sunday, I weigh in at the gym and came out at 258, a great decrease. So I shared it with everybody and have been on such a high since then. If I’ve had an extra bounce in my step since this program began, it was even bouncier now. It felt great. Even our Mayor talked to me about how good I was doing with this. It was awesome.

So then I go to my doctor’s office for our appointment Tuesday and expect the scale to sort of reflect that. I know all scales are different, but I figured it would have around the same decrease.

270 pounds. Basically the same weight I had when I started this thing. Two days after measuring in at 258.

I was shocked. So shocked that I got them to remeasure me before the end of the appointment. Still 270.

I haven’t felt so deflated since checking into the hospital in the first place. The number made no sense to me, given the work I’ve put in and the success I know I’ve seen.

So I had a pretty down afternoon because of that. I even debated on driving back into Cranbrook for an extra workout on my rest day.

But then I said screw it. You can’t live by the numbers. I’ve seen the comparison pictures from the beginning to now. I know I’ve improved. Check the comparison picture I made out for yourself.

One Month Comparison - Side View
One Month Comparison – Side View

There’s no doubt in my mind that a change has been seen, regardless of the numbers that are coming out.

Fitness Update – Feb 13th – One Month In! Let’s Compare!

First off, I would like to apologize for the delay in making another blog post about my journey through the Fitness Inc Body Challenge. My wife was sick last weekend, so I’ve had my hands full watching my daughter (In other words, having an excuse to play with cars and blocks while watching My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic.)

Because of me being much more busy with watching my daughter over the BC Family Day weekend, I ended up having to miss out on some of my regular workouts. Normally, I go to the gym Sunday, Monday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday for a total of five days a week. This time around, I went for a session with my personal trainer on Friday, February 6th, then stayed out of the gym until Wednesday, February 11th. I did get a workout in at home on Tuesday, but it wasn’t as intensive as many of the gym workouts have been.

Anyway, let’s go back to that session on Friday, February 6th. Jessica completely wiped me out in that workout and the main culprit for this was changes to the cardio.

Instead of sticking with a certain resistance or angle while I was using the elliptical this time, Jessica would change the resistance and height every two minutes for a 20 minute cycle, forcing my body to adjust to the changes. It worked, I was left huffing and puffing and sweating more than a hot summer day in the middle of July.

Jessica also introduced some new workouts for me to try out before we jumped into the latest weigh-in. Those numbers are below!

Fourth Weigh-in (26 Days Later on February 6th)
Weight – 272.5 pounds – 269 pounds – 268 pounds – 265.2 pounds
Waist – 48.5 inches – 48 inches – 46 inches – 45.5 inches
Left Arm – 15.4 inches – 14 inches – 14.1 inches – 14 inches
Right Arm – 15 inches – 13.5 inches – 14 inches – 14.5 inches (INCREASE)
Left Thigh – 27 inches – 26 inches – 27 inches – 27 inches
Right Thigh – 24.5 inches – 24 inches – 24 inches – 24 inches
Chest – 49 inches – 48 inches – 48 inches – 47 inches
Hips – Unmeasured – 47 inches – 47 inches – 45.5 inches

So in a period of 26 days, just under a month, my weight dropped 7 pounds and I’ve lost three inches off my waist, two inches off my arms, two inches off my chest and an inch and a half off my hips. Its a noticeable decrease and I’m looking forward to seeing how things are going to keep going as we go along.

If you want to see this decrease for yourself, look no further! I’ve included three comparison pics from the start of the Fitness Inc Body Challenge until now. Those pictures are below! (And yes, I did lose the hair!!)

One Month Comparison - Back View
One Month Comparison – Back View
One Month Comparison - Front View
One Month Comparison – Front View
One Month Comparison - Side View
One Month Comparison – Side View

So as you can see from the side view pic, it seems my chest and upper body don’t project out as much as they used to, from losing some belly fat and chest fat. This is exciting for me!

And now, I thought I’d introduce something to this blog for some extra fun!


I like to listen to music or podcasts while I work out, especially while doing cardio. Gives my mind something to focus on to pass the time faster. So I figured I’d share what I’m listening to with all of you!

Daniel Tidwell – Video Game Rock Covers

It should go without saying that I like my share of nerdy and geeky things. Pretty sure that My Little Pony reference at the beginning of this blog should have been an obvious clue. One thing I absolutely love to listen to is rock bands rocking out to video game music.

I’m a lifelong fan of Metal Gear Solid and the game’s main theme is one part of the reason why. Hearing someone rock out to that opening theme only adds to the awesomeness!

Hope everyone has a great week! I’ve got two back-to-back personal trainer sessions coming up Friday and Sunday. Yikes!

Fitness Friday 3 – Muscle Gain and The Joy of Cardio

Sorry for the delay on posting this… Friday was a hectic day in the newsroom at my work, making a lot more work than there was time to get done.

Anyway, Jo and I give you our latest updates on the Fitness Inc Body Challenge.

Jo talks about how she is gaining muscle and needs to try cutting out the carbs.

I talk about how well my workout routine is going and what I listen to while trying to up my cardio.

Fitness Update – Jan 27th – Long Hair and Exercise Don’t Mix!

Almost a month into the exercise routine and I had my third weigh-in for the Fitness Inc. Body Challenge.

Today, I talk about the changes in numbers, some new workouts I’m working on and the biggest annoyance I am facing at the gym… MY HAIR!

The Fitness Inc. Body Challenge will continue until partway through April. The person who loses the highest percentage of body weight through the challenge wins a trip to Las Vegas, a one-year gym membership with Fitness Inc and more personal training sessions.

Here’s a look at my measurements so far!

Third Weigh-in (17 Days Later)
Weight – 272.5 pounds – 269 pounds – 268 pounds
Waist – 48.5 inches – 48 inches – 46 inches
Left Arm – 15.4 inches – 14 inches – 14.1 inches
Right Arm – 15 inches – 13.5 inches – 14 inches
Left Thigh – 27 inches – 26 inches – 27 inches
Right Thigh – 24.5 inches – 24 inches – 24 inches
Chest – 49 inches – 48 inches – 48 inches
NEW! Hips – 47 inches – 47 inches

So an interesting week here, as I’m down by only another pound, but I’ve lost two inches off the waist line. I’ve also gained some size on my arms and thighs. My trainer attributes this to some new workout muscle and let’s face it, any loss off the waist line is a very good thing!

My goal is not to win the contest, but learn some tricks of the trade that I can take with me to continue my weight loss journey once the contest is over!

Fitness Update – Jan 19th – Mastering the Dreaded Plank

Back with another fitness update, with some good news from the Fitness Inc. Body Challenge.

My weight is down three pounds and altogether I’ve lost six inches from my body. I’m sure if I turned around, I would find it, but that’s besides the point.

Here’s a breakdown of where those inches are coming from…

Second Weigh-in (10 Days Later)
Weight – 272.5 pounds – 269 pounds
Waist – 48.5 inches – 48 inches
Left Arm – 15.4 inches – 14 inches
Right Arm – 15 inches – 13.5 inches
Left Thigh – 27 inches – 26 inches
Right Thigh – 24.5 inches – 24 inches
Chest – 49 inches – 48 inches
NEW! Hips – 47 inches

Today, I also take you through my latest discussions with my doctor and my new workouts from my personal trainer, including a look at the dreaded planks!

Overall, I’m very pleased by what I’m seeing from this and very happy to see the measurements. I’m not too worried about the weight, as the visible change in physical size means more to me than the number on the scale.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how things go with the next update!

Fitness Friday # 1 – The Training Begins!

I would just like to take the opportunity to tell you about Fitness Friday!

Jo and I will be on the Drive every Friday morning, giving you updates on how the Fitness Inc Body Challenge is going.

Today, we talk about the start of the Body Challenge and how we’re doing with our workouts.

Check in every Friday for the latest update.

Now for some other notes that I didn’t get around to in the Fitness Friday feature.

I started going to Fitness Inc for the Body Challenge on Monday and got to the gym three times this week so far. My goal is to get there one more time this week, either tonight (Friday) or tomorrow (Saturday).

Out of all of the workouts that I’ve been doing, planking has been the biggest pain in the butt. I didn’t even know what planking was up to a week ago and now I wish that I didn’t know what they were.

The idea of these workouts is that you have to balance your entire body weight on your arms and the tip of your toes. You also have to tighten your core (key word – stomach… or in my case, beer belly.) and keep yourself perfectly straight while you hold that position for as long as possible.

Given that I am over 270 pounds at the moment, this exercise is brutal… and not fun. Hopefully, there are some tips and tricks that I can learn from my personal trainer about these when I meet up with her on Sunday.

Aside from that, I’m extremely happy to be back at the gym. Fitness Inc has an awesome atmosphere, I love the feeling I get when I am working out and I’m looking forward to seeing how I continue to improve as this workout program continues.

Aside from working out, I also paid a visit to my doctor yesterday, as a follow-up to our meeting two weeks ago. I am happy to say that my weight has gone down a little bit since my last visit, but because all scales are different, I’ll only share the numbers I get when I weigh in at Fitness Inc, in order to avoid confusion.

Meeting with Dr. Hale, we’ve decided to have more regular check-ins, to make sure I’m keeping on track with my goals for better health and so she can give me a bit of a pep talk if I look like I’m falling off the wagon.

All in all, I’m happy to see plans are in the works for better health in the future. We’ll see how things develop as we go from here!

The Weigh-In: The Fitness Inc Body Challenge Begins!

While the Fitness Inc. Body Challenge officially begins on Monday, January 12th, the first weigh-in was set for Thursday, January 8th.

I’ve been pretty excited for the start of this competition and for getting started on my training. With three months of working out ahead of me, the first weigh-in will set the bench mark for how far I really have to go with this competition and the work it will take for me to get there.

Check out my first weigh-in for the competition and my thoughts afterward as I go into workout mode!

Other measurements were also taken, which I will be listing below…

Initial Weigh-in : January 8th
Weight – 272.2 lbs
Waist – 48.5 inches
Left Arm – 15.4 inches
Right Arm – 15 inches
Left Thigh – 27 inches
Right Thigh – 24.5 inches
Chest – 49 inches

And we also had our pictures taken, to serve as our before pictures for the competition. Here they are below!

Plenty of work and plenty of exercise ahead, but I’m happy to share this journey with you and go through all the challenges and success stories I find as I go through it all.

Next step, giving planks a go for the first time!