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The GameNTrain Days – Episode 5 – May 3rd, 2012


In this episode of the GameNTrain podcast, GameOn’s Jeff and Kyle make their first trip to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!

2012 was a stellar year for the event and for our podcast as well. Hope you enjoy the show!


Quick Questions with Kyle Born – Marry One, Kill One, Screw One

In our 2016 finale to Quick Questions with Kyle Born, we re-visit a familiar questions to the show… Marry One, Kill One, Screw One.

This game has been around for a while. You are given three names, then you have to say which one you would marry, which one you would kill and which one you would screw.

Since its Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, all of our examples our geek culture related, with a surprising dose of Chewbacca this time around.

So who would you Marry, Kill and Screw?

Thank you for joining us for another year of Quick Questions with Kyle Born from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! We still have quite a few features to come from this year’s event, so be sure to stay with us throughout the month of June for more great features.

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Thanks again!

GameOn Interview – Retro Game Treasure

GameOn Host JeffJohnson interviews Megabuck, one of the organizers behind Retro Game Treasure.

Retro Game Treasure is a monthly subcription that delivers retro games to your doorstep! The service covers many classic systems, like NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear and the Nintendo 64!

Every Retro Game Treasure Chest is completely different then the next and you can let the company know what games you already have in your collection, in order to avoid getting any extras sent your way.

Megabuck talks about where Retro Game Treasure gets the games from,how you can let the company know what games you’d like and the reception they’ve received so far!

Be sure to check out www.retrogametreasure.com to learn more about this subscription service for yourself!

I’ve ordered my first month of Retro Game Treasure and when it arrives, you can expect to see an unboxing right here on GameOnGNT!

GameOn’s Cosplay Rogue Gallery – Calgary Expo 2015

GameOn’s coverage of the Calgary Expo continues into another week! And this week, our focus is cosplay!

The 2015 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was a blast for the team at GameOnGNT. We’ve got plenty of great interviews and other features to bring you over the course of the next month.

We’re continuing our coverage with a unique feature, focusing on some of our favorite cosplayers in Calgary!

Today, we’re joined by cosplayers Missy Art and Cosplay, Nica Stone, Vanessa Wedge and Kay Pike.

All four of these cosplayers have made appearances on GameOn in the past through interviews and now, we get updates from each and every one of them.

Still more to come in our Calgary Expo 2015 coverage! Thanks for stopping by!

Thoughts of the Day – Calgary Expo Guests and Panels

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo begins tomorrow!

While I won’t be taking in the first day of the festivities, I will be heading to Expo Friday morning and will be there for the rest of the weekend!

Trying to decide what I want to take in at this year’s Expo has been quite the ordeal. With over 24 pages of panels and events happening, its going to be quite the show.

What’s your thoughts on the Convention experience? And if you’ve ever been to Calgary Expo before, what did you think of the show?

We’ll have plenty of content coming from our coverage of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, starting as soon as we return from the event next week!

GameOnGNT at the Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Launch

We paid a visit to the Pokémon Midnight Launch in Cranbrook. Great times were had by all (except for Smash Bros fans.)

GameOn host Jeff Johnson picked up his copies of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in Cranbrook, along with Shay’s copies as well.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U was also launching that night, but nobody cares about that sort of thing, its time for POKEMON!

Jeff got to talk to the Pokémon fans and shun the non-believers. Check it out for yourself!

Don’t forget to check out the Wonder Trade Game, airing on GameOnGNT soon. If you’ve got questions you’d like answered by the GameOnGNT team, send us an e-mail at gameongnt@gmail.com or leave a comment here!

GameOnGNT is going to the Edmonton Expo!

GameOnGNT will be going to the Edmonton Expo, running from September 26th to 28th.

GameOn’s Allison Gauthier will be checking out the sights and mingling with all the cosplayers, venders and celebrity guests.

And of course, you can’t forget about the Bioware booth that will be set up at the event! With Dragon Age: Inquisition only months away, that’s worth the price of admission in itself!

Today, Jeff and Allison talk about what you can expect from the event and what we’re hoping to cover during Allison’s time there!

There are still tickets available for the Edmonton Expo, so if you’d like to check it out, be sure to go to www.edmontonexpo.com and get your tickets today!

Quick Questions with Kyle Born – Marry One, Kill One, Screw One

Its another edition of Quick Questions with Kyle Born!

Last year at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, we brought you GameOn Contributor Kyle Born’s random line of questioning in a feature called Quick Questions with Kyle Born.

That feature is now back on GameOnGNT and we show you what happens when we take those random questions and ask them to cosplayers in attendance at the 2014 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

Today is our final question from this year’s Calgary Expo and we’re asking cosplayers an important set of questions… Marry One, Kill One, Screw One!

Check out how Calgary Expo cosplayers fared in today’s Quick Questions with Kyle Born.

A big thank you to the staff and volunteers at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo for your support over this four day event! To find out more about the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, check out http://www.calgaryexpo.com/.

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