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Jeff’s Gaming Journal – My History with Super Mario Bros 3

What a wonderful and magical game Super Mario Bros 3 for the Nintendo was. Seriously, who HASN’T played this game?

Mario 3 really is one of the greatest games of all time and I have a long history with it.

Bear with me, I’ve got a lot of story telling to do this time, involving video game tournaments and my days in college.

Lets talk about Super Mario Bros 3!


Jeff’s Gaming Journal – Jurassic Park (Genesis)

Jurassic Park for the Sega Genesis is without a doubt, one of the best games on the franchise that I’ve ever seen.

While this game isn’t entirely faithful to the movie, its as good as it can get in the 16-bit generation. You get your opportunity to play as Grant or you can say ‘Screw That!’ and play as the velociraptor!

Seriously, its a game where you get to play as the raptor, the coolest dinosaur of the 1990s! What more would you want?

Jeff’s Gaming Journal – Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem

We’re looking at retro games on GameOnGNT again, as we take a look at another one of the games found in our Retro Game Treasure Chest from November.

Yes, we are still going through games that we received in November. This is a long haul we have here, but this one is worth discussing.

Today, we look at Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem, a game I feel would be great for kids, but not good for the really young kids in your house.

Main reason…. reading!

Jeff’s Gaming Journal – Crystal’s Pony Tale

Now here’s a game that I have never heard of before. At least I hadn’t heard of it until Retro Game Treasure came along and embedded itself into my life.

Crystal’s Pony Tale is a game that was a part of our November Retro Game Treasure Chest, a treasure chest dedicated to my three-year-old daughter Paige.

Paige is a big-time My Little Pony fan, so playing ANY game involving ponies makes for a very, happy three-year-old. She has actually asked quite a few times if we can play ‘The Pony Game,’ ever since we played this game, so it definitely does its job!

Honestly, as a game for kids, this game is worth it. What it does, it does well and its fun for kids, so that works!

Do you have a kids game that you really enjoyed growing up? Or is there a kids game that your kids love to play? Let us know!

Jeff’s Gaming Journal – Barbie Supermodel and the Fun of Playing Kid’s Games

This is without a doubt the most surprising game that I have ever featured on this channel.

When I began GameOnGNT, I never thought I would be talking about a Barbie game. Yet here we are.

What’s your thoughts on Barbie games? Do you have any games that you like to play with your kids/your siblings/your young cousins/children in general?

Jeffs Gaming Journal – Spelunker, A Game That Hates Children

Now this is what you would call a frustrating Nintendo game.

We’re back with another game that we are testing for Alley Entertainment. This is the last game of the pile and quite frankly, I wish this game didn’t work.

Its called Spelunker, not to be confused with Spelunky, a game that’s actually fun. This game makes a point of frustrating you and being as ridiculous as possible.

I feel this game is terrible and may not even be a game, but some kind of anger management test of some kind.

What do you think? Have you ever played Spelunker? Would this be a game you would give a go? Do you like Game Over screens every half a minute or so?

Next up, we go back to our Retro Game Treasure chests!

Jeff’s Gaming Journal – Bases Loaded and Why I Hate Sports Games

So today, I’m looking at Bases Loaded for the Nintendo. Or another way to describe it… a sports game.

Sports games and I do not get along. Especially retro sports games, because I never understand what the hell I am doing and how the hell do I make these games work.

I’m not a big fan of most sports games, in all honesty. There are exceptions to that, but mostly all sports games get painted under the same brush in my eyes.

So today I ask you, what do you think of Bases Loaded for the Nintendo? Or what do you think of sports games, in general?

Feel free to let us know!

Special thanks (?) to Alley Entertainment for providing us with this game to try out. Not sure why I would thank anyone for giving me a baseball game to play, but there you go!

Jeffs Gaming Journal – Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X – Part One

Jeff’s Gaming Journal is back, as we take a lot of a variety of games from the archives of Jeff’s collection.

This feature is not your typical gameplay feature. The gameplay is here, but the video is more focused on JJ’s thoughts on the game from a night of gaming, as opposed to how gameplay videos usually show you a gamer’s reactions to that game as they play.

In any case, we’re looking at Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, a game that came out for the PSP as a remake to Mega Man X for the SNES.

I’m not sure what my full opinion on Maverick Hunter X is just yet, but I like the anime cutscenes. I’m finding some aspects of the game aren’t responding the way the SNES version used to.

Expect more videos as I journal my thoughts on this game. Originally, I was going to play this game as part of Jeff’s Classic Playthroughs, but I felt this style of feature was a better fit.

More to come!

The Adventure Continues? What’s Going on With Onward to Adventure?

So my main YouTube channel, GameOnGNT, is doing well, but I’d like to share my other YouTube channel here with you today.

I started the Onward to Adventure YouTube channel last year during the summer, with ideas of doing Let’s Plays of RPGs on the side of my regular channel. I love RPGs, but didn’t have a way to get into my regular content without starting something new.

That didn’t really work, given I had a wedding coming up in August and absolutely no time to dedicate to a steady diet of RPGs for the channel.

But now I started using the channel again with a new feature I’ve been doing, Jeff’s Gaming Journal, which is basically a gaming vloggers journal. I talk about the games I’ve played throughout the day and talk about a gaming topic that’s caught my attention.

Closer to the summer season, I will be bringing Onward to Adventure back to the channel as well, so there will be plenty of stuff for you to check out when the time comes! The first game we will be tackling when the time comes is Earthbound, so get ready!

Anyway, come check out my second channel, watch a few journal entries and let me know what you think!