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GameOn Post Game Show – Episode 9: Organizing Gaming Events


Today, we talk about games being used more than just for a single person’s enjoyment.

Let’s talk about gaming events!

The GameOn Post Game Show podcast is coming back to GameOnGNT. Expect a new podcast every week as we talk about various video games, what games are gracing my TV screen (if any) and my latest thoughts on gaming news.

More great content to come!

GameOn Post Game Show – Episode 7: Skylanders Unite!


Skylanders, whether you love it or hate it, is a massive gaming franchise. One that I had fallen out of due to the fifth entry of the franchise, Superchargers.

But a new Netflix series, Skylanders Academy, has rekindled my interest. What do you think of Skylanders? Like it? Or leave it?

GameOn Post Game Show – Episode 4: Supporting Extra Life And #7FaveGames


Today, we talk about supporting Extra in our unique way. Let’s talk about Cranbrook’s Extra Life Game Day and the effort that goes into organizing a yearly gaming event.

We also are talking about #7FaveGames, just for the hell of it! The GameOn Post Game Show starts now!

For more on GameOnGNT, check out www.facebook.com/gameongnt

And to learn more about Extra Life Game Day, check out www.facebook.com/extralifegamedaycbk

GameOn Post Game Show – Episode 2: We All Live In A Pokemon Go World


GameOn Host Jeff Johnson talk about the pros of #PokemonGo and the community it’s creating. We also talk about the negatives of Pokemon and the glitches the game has. #NoPokeandDrive

The GameOn Post Game Show is your quick fix for content. We talk video games and geek culture and would love to hear from you about our show. Go to Facebook.com/GameOnGNT and let us know what you think and what topics you would like to hear about!

GameOn Post Game Show – Episode 1: We’re Going To ConBravo 2016!


In today’s episode, we talk about #ConBravo #PokemonGO and #DigimonStory for the PS Vita! The Post Game Show is back!

Welcome back GameOn Post Game Show! You may remember our first run with this podcast back in 2014. We did a lengthy weekly podcast that harkened back to GameOn’s roots as a podcast back in 2012 (The GameNTrain days!).

We have a long-standing love with podcasting, given GameOn Host Jeff Johnson’s radio roots and we only hope to continue delivering content that you will enjoy as we continue into 2016 and beyond!