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GameOn Post Game Show – Episode 9: Organizing Gaming Events


Today, we talk about games being used more than just for a single person’s enjoyment.

Let’s talk about gaming events!

The GameOn Post Game Show podcast is coming back to GameOnGNT. Expect a new podcast every week as we talk about various video games, what games are gracing my TV screen (if any) and my latest thoughts on gaming news.

More great content to come!


Jeff’s Gaming Journal – Super Mario Bros 3 and the Airships

I loved the airship levels in Super Mario Bros 3. As a kid, there was something about these levels that always stood out.

Call it a sense of dread or a sense of awe, but you work so hard to get through a world to make it to this level and it always impressed.

What levels in video games are your favorite? What stands out to you?

Jeff’s Gaming Journal – Mario 3 and the Challenge of World 1-4

As a kid, this level infuriated me.

As an adult, I’m surprised I got through it so easily, because all I think about when I see this level is skip it.

But that’s World 1-4 in Super Mario Bros 3 for you. It left an impact on me that lingers to this day.

What is THAT ONE LEVEL for you? What level has you cursing and swearing every time?

Jeff’s Gaming Journal – My History with Super Mario Bros 3

What a wonderful and magical game Super Mario Bros 3 for the Nintendo was. Seriously, who HASN’T played this game?

Mario 3 really is one of the greatest games of all time and I have a long history with it.

Bear with me, I’ve got a lot of story telling to do this time, involving video game tournaments and my days in college.

Lets talk about Super Mario Bros 3!