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Thoughts of the Day – Save Monopoly’s Scottie Dog!!

I want the Scottie dog to be part of Monopoly history for years to come.

But Scottie’s place in the game could be at risk with the ongoing Vote Monopoly contest, with 65 different pieces in the running to be a part of the board game.

I’m all about keeping the Scottie dog in the game of Monopoly. That dog is a champion, much like other great dogs… Like Lassie… Beethoven… and the Littlest Hobo.

Help me keep the Scottie dog in the game through http://www.votemonopoly.com. Support the cat too while you are at it!

Gameplay in this video is from Monopoly Plus for the XBox 360. Filmed using the XBox One’s Game DVR and Upload Studio.


Thoughts of the Day – Does the Frame Rate in Star Fox Zero Matter?

There’s been a lot of talk around frame rate drops in Star Fox Zero lately.

Apparently, the game runs at 720 p and 60 frames per second, but occasionally drops to 40 frames per second.

My honest opinion… Who the Hell cares?

In all of my years of gaming, I’ve never heard so much talk about frame rates then I do now. Having grown up with Nintendos and Ataris, I really don’t give a crap about that and don’t think it should matter.

What does the game play like? Does it have a good story? That’s what should matter!

What do you think?

Thoughts of the Day – Could Final Fantasy XV Be Better On PC

Developers behind Final Fantasy XV believe that the game could be better on PC, as opposed to consoles.

That being said, developers are also saying they would likely re-build Final Fantasy XV from the ground up if they put it on PC.


Thoughts of the Day – What to Expect From Calgary Expo 2016

We’re three weeks away from the start of this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and I’m once again looking forward to the event.

Calgary Expo is one of the biggest comic conventions in my area, covering all things geek culture. Video games, card games, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, its all there to be found!

While I am disappointed there will be no wrestlers included in this year’s Calgary Expo, I am looking forward to many of the guests announced.

If you’re going to Calgary Expo this year, what are you looking forward to most?

Thoughts of the Day – My Thoughts on Heroes Reborn

I’ve always been a big fan of Heroes. I read the webcomics, watched the series and greeted Heroes Reborn with welcome arms.

Now that Heroes Reborn has run its course, I have some mixed feelings about the whole thing. Overall, I enjoyed the show, but it definitely had areas where it could improve.

What did you think of Heroes Reborn? What did you enjoy? What do you feel could have been left out?

Thoughts of the Day – Why I Go To Calgary Expo – Calgary Expo 2016

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo has been on my mind quite a bit lately.

Calgary Expo is one of my favorite events of the year. Its a gathering of 100,000 like-minded people, all coming together for their favorite TV shows, games, movies and actors.

But there are other reasons to like this event, mainly involving the people you go with and the people you meet along the way!

What’s your thoughts on conventions? What makes you go to them?

Also, have you ever been to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo? What did you think of the experience?

Thoughts of the Day – Building a Dream Project… Let’s Open a Barcade!

Last Thoughts of the Day, we talked about what you would do if you were to win the lottery.

Today, I’d like to take you through an idea I have that I would try to make happen if I did win the lottery… and it all involves a Barcade!

I would like to buy a movie theatre/bowling alley in my neighbourhood, renovate it and turn it into a bowling alley, arcade, bar and recording studio, all wrapped up into one!

Its a fantastic and crazy idea, but it would be a lot of fun and would be amazing to take something old and make it new again.

What is your dream project that you would like to pursue? If you had all the money you need to pursue something really big, would you do it?

Thanks for joining us! Next time, we’re talking about the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!

Thoughts of the Day – What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Today, we took about a different kind of gaming… We look at gambling.

Specifically, I want to talk about the lottery and whether or not its worth it for the average person to buy a lottery ticket on a regular basis.

I’m one of the people who is all for getting a lottery ticket every week or every month, whichever way you feel more comfortable with.

Why? Because I like to dream!

What do you think? Is it worth it to buy a regular lottery ticket?

Thoughts of the Day is Jeff Johnson’s chance to get on his soapbox and talk about the issues of gaming and geek culture. Occasionally, Jeff goes on a tangent about various real-world things, but that’s bound to be expected from some of the bigger items.

Thanks for joining us today! Be sure to check in tomorrow for a follow-up to this video.

Thoughts of the Day – Bring Pokemon Red and Blue to the Virtual Console!

For years, Nintendo has been making their classic games available for sale on Nintendo’s eShop or Virtual Console. This is basically a license for Nintendo to print money through all of our favorite classics that we grew up with.

But there are a few classic games I would love to see them add to this service that have never been touched… Pokemon Red and Blue.

Do you want to see the Pokemon games that started the entire franchise made into downloadable games on your 3DS or Wii U? Because I would totally pay for that!

Thoughts of the Day – My Thoughts on Love Live School Idol Project

Love Live School Idol Project is basically what would happen if you took Glee and turned it into an anime. Its focus is on music, laughs and school girls.

While this type of anime is not my usual cup of tea, I really got into it this time around. While we will be having a full review of Love Live School Idol Project coming soon on our blog, here is a First Impressions video on the show for you to enjoy!

Love Live School Idol Project is an anime series localized by NIS America. It is entirely subbed, not dubbed, so that can be a bit of a barrier for newcomers to anime. However, if you are ready to give it a chance, Love Live will surprise you by how addicting it is and how much you’ll want to keep watching after each episode has wrapped up.