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Drunken Gaming – Mega Man 2 – Part Two

Albert Einstein is broadly credited with exclaiming “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein never saw a drunk man play Quick Man’s level in Mega Man 2.

Those lasers are garbage.


GameOn Interview – Kirby Krackle – Calgary Expo 2016

Another week begins and more content is coming from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!

Jeff Johnson speaks with musician Kirby Krackle, who performed at one of the Calgary Expo’s after parties with Rock Sugar.

We talk to Kirby Krackle about his music, his time with Calgary Expo and what goes into putting together a set when he goes on stage to perform!

Thanks Kirby Krackle for joining us! Be sure to check out more of our great content from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!

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Quick Questions with Kyle Born – The Most Doable Video Game Character

Quick Questions with Kyle Born is back.

In this feature, GameOn’s Kyle Born makes the rounds of Calgary Expo, asking cosplayers all of the tough questions we can come up with.

In today’s video, we ask cosplayers who is the most doable video game character? Some answers might surprise you!

This feature has been a staple of our Calgary Expo coverage for the past three years. Check it out and get a laugh today!

More great content to come!

7 Days of Horror – Silent Hill 2 – Part Two

The 7 Days of Horror continues on GameOnGNT and this time, it gets a little interesting.

Interesting in the fact that I get lost in Silent Hill and do about a hundred jump cuts to spare you the horror of watching me wander in the fog.

Oooh scary.

Today, we begin our journey to the park to find Mary and make it to the apartment buildings.

What was your favorite part of Silent Hill 2? Let us know at gameongnt@gmail.com.

Sneak Peek – Battle Princess of Arcadias

The team at NIS America has come through for us again with a new game for review!

I just started giving Battle Princess of Arcadias a go last night and this high-speed action-RPG is definitely unique. It is very much an anime styled game, but from the team at Nippon Ichi Software, what more would you expect?

What I find truly unique about it is the games party system and how battle works. It plays out as a side scrolling action-RPG with movement limited to going left and right, similar to Dust: AET and Odin Sphere. However, the difference here is in your ability to swap out characters on the fly with the push of a button.

Bear in mind, my impressions here are coming from my limited experience that I’ve had with the game so far (Only half an hour in and two battle stages down), so you can expect a more in-depth review from me as I get further into it. At this point, here is what stands out to me about Battle Princess of Arcadias.

How your party system works in battle


While you play as one character at a time, you can swap your other party members in with the push of a button, similar to a tag-team match in a fighting game. Also like fighting games, other characters in your party can jump in at any time for an assist attack.

Because of this style of gameplay, each character levels at their own rate. Some characters are trickier to level than others so far, due to the style of fighting they do. The main character uses a one-handed sword and fights like any warrior should, but your other two party members that you start off with are a mage class and an archer, which can be tough to keep at a distance in a side-scrolling action RPG.

The game’s visuals


I don’t know what I think about the art-style presented in Battle Princess of Arcadias yet. Its definitely different from the norm.

Basically, the best way I can describe the visuals is that its similar to like a pop-up book. Characters appear to stand out from the background,  as do the enemy characters. I’m not sure if I am a fan of this style yet, but again, I’ve only just started playing the game, so it may grow on me as we go on.

In-game speech and dialogue

If you’re looking for full voiceovers for in-game dialogue, don’t bother. Granted, there is voice acting present, but no English dub. So if you prefer not to listen to the Japanese vocals, you can always mute the character dialogue and read along for yourself.

That being said, you will notice some things that stand out about in-game dialogue. Your main character Plume has a tendency to get really girly when she’s excited and there’s definitely the usual Nippon Ichi Software style of humor present (boob jokes, random characters who just don’t get how crazy they are, that sort of thing.)

The King is a goose


Yes, the King is a goose. I don’t know what else I can say about this. I’ve been playing for half an hour and still have no indication of how the King was turned into a goose or what must be done to save the King from  being a goose. All I know is the King is a goose

King = Goose

That’s my first impressions of Battle Princess of Arcadias.  Be sure to check in to GameOnGNT later on as we bring you gameplay footage of this game, along with a full review down the road!

If you want more info about Battle Princess of Arcadias, its available as a PSN exclusive today and will be available in Europe tomorrow!